Hello. Hi. Hey there. It’s been a long time and no speak (nearly a month to be exact!). I’ve been none too shy about admitting this to Twitter and my fellow blogger buds but it looks like I lost my blogging mojo?!

I’ve been doing this for a year now (you might have seen my last post) so it didn’t feel too bad to have an extended break. I treat this place like a bit of an online journal, I firmly categorize myself as a ‘lifestyle’ blogger, because I think that’s the best label to give me the free reign that I so crave!

This month I wanted to try something new to get me back into the swing of things. So I searched high and low for something different – a poetry challenge. You may have seen my first foray into the world of poetry a while back. Well, a long time ago, I remember seeing on Instagram a month long poetry challenge. Every day had a different topic. I was reminded of this a few nights back, whilst I was out on a walk scanning through the notes on my phone – I found a treasure trove of half written poems.

I have always loved poetry. I’m very rigid in my poems. I’m not very experimental. My little heart feels that a poem isn’t a poem without some rhymes thrown in. A Haiku is lost on me. So this challenge is right up my street. It was originally created by a tumblr user called nadiasf.

Wish me luck! Do you enjoy different forms of poetry?


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