Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is an annual event held at Hyde Park in the run up to Christmas. I had the pleasure of visiting with a group yesterday, and today I want to share my thoughts with you.

Winter Wonderland

I had always been vaguely aware of Winter Wonderland but I had assumed you had to pay to enter – I was totally wrong! It’s a free to enter event, but you just have to pay for the extras. If you just want to attend and soak up the Christmas-ness, you could have a cheap day out!

We started our day by going on a hunt for food. We headed to the Bavarian Village area of the event where all the food and drink stalls are housed. We had a lovely moment in the indoor food area – the tables were absolutely rammed and there must have been about 500 people in the room. The singer started singing ‘Oh Caroline’ and literally EVERYONE in the room sang along to the chorus, and it was just such a lovely and joyous moment. I had to take a video of it which I will share with you as soon as I can get a reliable internet connection!

I had the best day with Disney friends! ❤ #winterwonderland #selfiestick #groupselfie #hydepark #disney #disneymeetup #christmas #gopro

We headed and found a table that would sit all about 15 of us in the outdoor area under cover and then went and ordered some food. Most of us had bratwurst’s but I have to stress, the service was so inefficient. It cost me the best part of £10 for a bratwurst and onions (I paid an extra £1 for onions!) and a can of diet coke. But it didn’t dampen my Christmas spirits as we snapped a quick selfie!

We then headed out and there’s a German market area, similar to both the Birmingham and Lincoln Christmas Market’s. But the main attraction was of course, the fair! We had a good walk around and finally decided to go on the Ice Mountain ride. Seven of us headed on and it was absolutely hilarious! The whole way round we just screamed and laughed and Katie caught the whole thing on her camera, so I’m looking forward to seeing her vlog.

We then carried on and David decided he wanted to try his hand at the crazy looking rollercoaster with about 9 loops. He managed to drag Stephen on with him and we waited for them, hoping they’d wave because we’d asked them to. We kept seeing people wave but when they came off they told us they couldn’t! So we’d been cheering on a load of randoms.

Winter Wonderland

After that it was raining ridiculously heavily, three of us fancied a ride on the ferris wheel so we went down there but unfortunately it stated it had a 100 minute wait! We decided to leave it.

After that everyone else headed to Primark and I said my farewells, needing to get home earlyish. I had an absolutely brilliant time with friends, and I can’t wait to see them all again! I’ve also said to Liam we must visit Winter Wonderland next year, as it was just so Christmassy and fun – so I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a fun day out.

Have you ever been to Winter Wonderland? What did you think?

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