What's in my Bag?

For better or worse, I find myself lugging a huge amount of just… stuff… around in my bag! I often end the day with an achy shoulder, so I thought I’d share with you some of the key items I just can’t take out of my bag! (Hey, you never know when you might need that three-month-old receipt, ok?!)

What's in my bag?

1. My purse

My purse is a storage space in itself, holding numerous cards in its bursting seams, as well as a huge amount of change in its tiny little zipped pocket and of course, those three-month-old receipts I mentioned earlier. Yes, it’s also shaped like Scrump from Lilo & Stitch!

2. Phone

Ok, who doesn’t carry their phone at all times?! I use a Samsung Galaxy S5, and my preference is to keep it in my bag because it barely fits in my trouser pockets. Let’s be honest though, it’s normally in my hand…

3. Camera

I use a Nikon 1 J2 and it goes everywhere with me. This little baby has all the bells and whistles in a compact size and it does everything for me. I love it. Would you believe that I brought this beauty back in early 2014 and I only just started using it this year?! All that wasted time! And those missed photo ops!

4. A notebook and pen

I always carry my little Tink notebook and pen because I never know when I’m going to get a flurry of inspiration for the blog. Just the other day in the airport several ideas popped into my head so out it came as I furiously wrote them down (steam coming out of the pen ‘n all!).

5. FitBit charger

Errrr, is it even a real day if your FitBit charger runs out of battery and stops tracking your steps?! Honestly, a day without wearing my FitBit is a day wasted and my worst nightmare is the battery going flat whilst I’m out and about. Particularly if I know I’m going to the gym that evening… I mean, what is the actual point in going if my FitBit won’t be tracking?!

6. Mini hairbrush

I always carry this little hairbrush because since I’ve had longer hair it gets tangled in the wind SO EASILY! It’s seriously the bane of my life. And who can forget those agonising moments when the wind blows your hair into your lipsticks and matts it all up together, grrrr….

7. Powerbank

Since I’ve been a heavy Twitter user I cannot leave the house without a Powerbank. My phone battery drains so quickly and it actually pains me to see my phones life drift away. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that anymore as I picked up this lovely photogenic rose gold Powerbank from Lidl!

8. Corn plasters

Er, ok, kindof weird. I always carry these foam corn protector stick on things because if your shoes start to rub you whilst you’re out they are an absolute lifesaver. You should all go out and buy a pack of these! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

9. Reusable shopper bag

I’ll be honest, I’m all for bringing my own bags when grocery shopping, but I find it a little ridiculous that I can go into town and buy a bra and have to pay for a bag to protect my modesty! Luckily, I picked up this glorious Ursula shopper bag from Primark (they do all sorts of Disney prints) and my modesty has been in tact ever since.

10. Headphones

I cannot be without my headphones. I love listening to music when I’m commuting or walking alone, and these Sony over-ear headphones are brilliant. Unfortunately they aren’t winter friendly as I can’t wear them over a hat *sob* so pretty soon I’ll have to swap back to my in-ear headphones.

What do you keep in your handbag? Anything as weird as corn plasters?!

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