We were lucky to have a bright, dry day in January, when we visited West Midlands Safari Park. It was a fantastic family day out, with something for all ages, including a hard to please 16 year old, 11, 9 and 6 year olds too.

West Midlands Safari Park

We arrived at opening time at 10am, so queues were short. The drive around the safari park had relatively few waits too, so I recommend going early in the day. I have been told 11.30am and 2.30pm are the peak times when delays are likely.

The animals we encountered were inquisitive and keen to get up close to the car. There are sections throughout the safari where you can feed the animals with food purchased from the check in kiosk.

Some of the more dangerous animals are behind fencing, thankfully! The cheetahs were pacing around close to the perimeter and looked very much like they were looking for an escape route!

My personal top animals at the park are the African Wild Dogs. They herded around our car and made it impossible to move for a while. There are park rangers in each section who drive around and are ready to help if needed.

West Midlands Safari Park Review

West Midlands Safari Park Review

Here’s a cheeky wild dog ready to jump up the front of our car! Several of them proceeded to rub themselves against the front of the car, much like cats do.

Close encounter with a lioness! She bounded in front of the car just after I took the picture to the left. It was here that I warned the kids for about the millionth time to make sure they DO NOT unlock the doors or windows at any point, and reminded them that despite the setting, these are wild animals and need to be respected as such, we’re in their domain.

Another baby at the safari park, this is Sutton, and he played and bounded around Elephant Valley, before marching alongside the road with his Mum, who is apparently a mum of 5! And his Aunt Latabe, seen below (left).

Penguins! Who doesn’t love the penguins? Even my 16 year old loved them.

Then we were off to one of my favourite sections, the Twilight Cave to see some bats. Inside, the bats flew overhead and some virtually skimmed my arms and head as they zoomed past.

Callum the sea lion awaits his fish after diving into the pool. There are regular shows and feeding times to watch and participate in throughout the day. All the details for these can be found on your map and information that you receive on arrival.

Creepy crawlies in the Discovery Zone. Took me ages to spot this hairy beauty, and when I did my nose was inches away with just a pane of glass between us!

Next, into the Land of the Living Dinosaurs! Complete with roaring noises piped throughout to give it a prehistoric ambiance. This was my 6 year olds favourite part of West Midlands Safari Park.

Another of my favourite parts is seeing the Meerkats, we also got to see them being fed. Might be a bit nippy! They were swinging on their heater and lifting their back paws up for a warm.

We had a great day out at West Midlands Safari Park and would definitely visit again. I do recommend taking a picnic if you have a larger family, as it can get a bit costly in the restaurant or food kiosks. There are plenty of facilities on site to buy food and other treats. The shops offer a wide range of toys, books, stationary and many other things, including pocket money toys so there’s something for every budget.

Our favourite things about our day out…

‘Seeing the wild dogs and how they jumped up the car and rubbed their heads against it in the same way cats do. I also loved seeing the bats, as they are my favourite type of animal.’ – Emma, age 37.

‘Seeing how big some of the animals really are up close.’ – Alex, age 59.

‘The penguins and bats were my favourite. It was really warm in the bat cave and they flew right by my head.’ – Callum, age 16.

‘Taking selfies with the penguins.’ – Aidan, age 11.

‘I thought the wild dogs were funny how they ran round and round the car in circles, and the cheetah spraying a tree!’ – Poppy, age 9.

‘First, the ring-tailed lemurs, they were cute. Second, the meerkats, they were also cute and funny. Third, the Land of Dinosaurs was really fun.’ – Rowan, age 6.


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I received free entry tickets from WMSP which were gifted from me to Emma – all opinions in this post are her own.

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