I love to go out walking, and now we’re in the autumn months I want to wrap up in my hat and gloves and go out on endless night time walks.

Why I Love Walking

  1. I like to listen to my music, care free

Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve always been a huge fan of public transport. And why? Because I love nothing more than putting in my headphones and pretending I’m in a music video! I tend to go for playlists featuring dance music – it always give me a burst of energy to keep going until the finish line.

Why I Love Walking

  1. It gives you time to think

Some of my most creative brainwaves have happened whilst I’ve been walking, and I’ve been known to flip out my phone, pause my current playlist and record hushed voice notes in an effort to keep them alive! It also gives you time to evaluate the day, compartmentalise your thoughts, and plan tomorrows efforts.

Why I Love Walking

  1. You can switch it up with different routes

I have a repertoire of routes I can choose from and am thoroughly uninventive with keeping track of them – my three regular routes are ‘The Parkway’, named after the road it follows, ‘The Long Loop’ and ‘The Long Long Loop’ – you can guess why they’re named as such! Sometimes if I’m on a shorter walk and I get really into the music, I add new roads on so it lasts longer!


  1. Conversation flows and plans galore

Liam and I go out on walks together all the time. We often comment on how more often than not we’re the only younger people out walking. It’s sad – the walks are our best times! We talk, rant and plan everything. Life plans, promises and secrets have been cemented, broken and borrowed on some of our past strolls.

Why I Love Walking

  1. The well-deserved ‘sit down’ at the end

Every Saturday at University we had a ritual – we’d embark on a 5 mile walk. Same route, same end point, every week. The aim of the walk was to make it to Sainsbury’s an hour away, where we’d peruse the magazine and buy dinner for the evening. Then we’d walk home, and it was agonising. But what kept us going down the final stretch was the thought that we’d be able to sit down all night long – guilt free.

Do you go out on walks?

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