Voodoo Vixen Donna

This past weekend we visited Lincoln, and I thought what better place to take some pictures for an Outfit of the Day post. Coupled with the fact I was visiting Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair, it made for a perfect photoshoot!

The previous weekend I had tried on a glorious array of 50s inspired outfits from my wardrobe to try and pinpoint the best outfits to visit the fair, and I spied my Voodoo Vixen Donna Gingham dress, which I hadn’t worn in just under a year!

Voodoo Vixen Donna

The last time I had worn it, I was a stone heavier and I struggled to breath or even wiggle in the thing, so I guess that had somewhat put me off! Luckily now, it fit perfectly. Being a pinky orange colour, I wanted to team it with my yellow petticoat for a pop of colour and telephone pin by Minimum Mouse. I always like to wear a pin to tie an outfit together.

The dress is the only one I own by Voodoo Vixen, and I purchased it through Blue Banana, but the quality and fit of the dress is just wonderful. I would be more than happy to purchase more dresses by them. In terms of fit, it clings to me in just the right way, tight on the waist but loose around the hips – the shape differing somewhat to my many Hell Bunny dresses. I tend to find with Hell Bunny that they don’t cinch you at the waist, for me in particular, they remain very baggy whereas this Voodoo Vixen Donna dress clinged perfectly.

Voodoo Vixen Donna

I most often wear a dress size 12-14 and I needed a large in the Voodoo Vixen Donna dress, whereas I wear a medium size in Hell Bunny dresses, so the sizings do differ. There is no give, or stretch, in the dress at all, so that’s something to consider, too. The dress did fit me (at a push!) when I was wearing a size 14-16 though.

As it was a day time look, I paired the outfit with a simple white cardigan and plan white Converse All Stars. I truly felt I fit the part of a 1950s cheerleader, and the first thing I said to my friend that morning was that I felt like I had fallen through a time warp. I love 1950s style, and pin up looks in particular.

Voodoo Vixen Donna

I wore my yellow petticoat underneath, and I always like it to hang slightly lower than the end of my actual dress so you can see the contrast between the two. I like to be thrifty with my purchases, considering how expensive it can be to cater to the 1950s look, and I buy all of my petticoats through a seller called Boolevard Cosmetics Ltd. on Amazon. Whilst the likes of Hell Bunny and Voodoo Vixen are selling petticoats for upwards of £30, Boolevard sell theirs for between £4.99 and £10 and I’ve found them to be thoroughly adequate for what you would need them for. I really would recommend them if you’re on a budget.

This post wouldn’t be completed without quickly mentioning my Minimum Mouse pin. They are a brand that frequently pop up at vintage fairs – they made an appearance in Lincoln this weekend but I brought this particular pin from a Wolverhampton vintage fair. They make a huge range of quirky pins and I own a few of them. I really do enjoy wearing them on my suit to important work meetings! But this one in particular perfectly match my petticoat and tied my whole outfit together.

Voodoo Vixen Donna

You can find all of the items featured in this post at the following addresses:

Dress – Voodoo Vixen Donna Dress

Cardigan – H&M

Pin – Minimum Mouse

Petticoat – Boolevard

Shoes – Converse All Star at Office

Voodoo Vixen Donna

Do you have a favourite vintage inspired clothing brand?

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