I’m partial to a bit of ‘live’ trip blogging so for the next 10 days I’ll be attempting to bring you a day by day account of my trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Back to Day 2!

I was up early again, though slightly later at about 7.30am. I hung around in bed for a while doing some errands I was supposed to do when I was still at home but had forgotten about!

I got up and out around 8.30am and relaxed, ate a bagel and read for a bit before getting in the pool for a swim. I’m trying to do 100 laps a day, so today I decided to do 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening. I did my 50 lengths using my dad as an obstacle as he was on his lilo. Note: My dad is not a tiny knitted monkey haha.

After we’d been in the pool a while, we had decided we were going to Bob Evans for lunch, a restaurant I’d never tried before. Beforehand we were going to have a walk round some of the retail parks for some more shopping. We headed to one which included a Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx and the like. I was pleased to pick up some cute pink Converse for $27, and a pair of jeans.

Once we were all shopped out we headed onto Bob Evans. To hazard a guess I’d say the average age of the clientele there was about 60, but it was nice home style cooking. I had the Chicken Pot Pie for $7.99 and it was an extra $2 to upgrade to a three course meal so I also had a cup of cheddar baked potato soup and a caramel sundae. At Bob Evans you also get a choice of unlimited bread to go with your entrée, the majority of them were sweet breads which confused me but none the less I opted for the banana nut bread and it was amazing.

Once we got back I changed into my swimming costume once again. By now it was about 5.40pm and I finished off my book in the sun. Finally, I did my final 50 laps and then we decided to go out to the beach to watch the sunset.

We parked up at Blind Pass Beach and watched the sunset. My dad also collected a load of sharks teeth which you can find by foraging through the sand.

They’re black rather than the white you would expect. After that we headed home and as I’m tired I started writing this immediately so I wouldn’t fall asleep before I did it!

Current step count (as of 9:17pm): 7,256
Number of lengths swam: 100

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It ended up quite a busy day. Will I ever not go shopping? Stay tuned to find out.

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