Sunday May 8th 2016

In our original plan today was our ‘Best Day Ever’ – a tradition where we visit all 4 parks in one day, but having a late night last night and knowing we’d be out until super late tonight (for the Magic Kingdom After Hours party), we decided to put it off. We had a lay in, with the alarm set for 11am purely to make sure we actually got up! I was up at 9am anyway, and I left Liam as I knew he wanted to sleep. It was a leisurely morning, but when we did get out and get ready we decided to head to Disney Springs and Typhoon Lagoon.

We drove out to Disney Springs and arrived at around about 12pm. We had a good look around but to start we headed into Disney Quest and we played on some of the machines and faffed about. We went on the Buzz Lightyear ride – in this ride you get into cars which spin and you shoot at other people. Anyway, when we went in, we were the only two in so we got into separate cars as otherwise we’d have no one to shoot. But then the place was filling up a bit more, and I was all excited to be in a car with Liam so all excited, I scurried over to his car. I thought he was excited and waving for me to join him to but when I got in he screamed at me and told me to get out! Turns out he was trying to shoo me away rather than wave me to him, and he wanted us to shoot at eachother.

I was the driver as I made Liam move over when I got on, and to add insult to injury, the gun didn’t work! So he had to just sit there whilst I tried to bump people. When it finished, Liam told the lady the gun didn’t work in that machine and she basically didn’t care haha. She blamed it on him and basically talked over him, generally, we tended to find most of the Cast Members in Disney Quest were a bit sour.

We did the Pirates of the Carribean 3D ride next and that was fun. We had it do the auto driving as there was only two of us so all we had to do was shoot. We were running to each side trying to shoot everything! This ride is near the exit so we left after that and had a look around all the shops. Liam was on a quest to find a dress he wanted to buy me for my birthday, but no matter where he went, nobody could help him find it. Nobody knew what he was on about when he was asking for Star Wars Her Universe dresses – he went in a bunch of shops and nobody knew. Anyway, we carried on round looking in the art shop and all of the little shops, before heading to Ghirardellis to share a banana split. We sat on the water front and it was super tasty. It was starting to get really busy now as it was American Mother’s Day, so once we ate we headed back to the car.

We ate our packed lunch in the car and Liam has to shimmy into his swimming shorts. Unfortunately on the way our we got lost! We ended up having to turn around at the casting building, luckily, Typhoon Lagoon is right next door to Disney Springs so we were there in no time.

We arrived at around 3.30pm and the bobbing wave was on in the wave pool, with the big wave starting at 4pm to 5pm – which was closing time. We went round the lazy river for a few times and when we got out Liam went down a slide, which took ages again because there was ANOTHER abusive parent at the top! Seriously, if your child doesn’t want to slide, don’t make them!

After that we went in the lazy river and there was an absolutely huge log jam! We took loads of pictures as we’ve never seen so many people and rings in the river! We headed to the wave pool and stayed in until park closing – we played in the waves the whole time and Liam even threw me into them a bit! At once point one of the lifeguards had to do a bomb into the pool to recue someone, and everyone cheered! We’re not sure what happened though. We slowly crabbed out of the pool and headed home, getting in the car in our wet stuff so it was nice and easy for us to just leave. At home we had showers, got ready and ate some filled pasta and garlic bread.

To be continued – my next post will be on the Magic Kingdom After Hours Party.

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