Saturday May 17th 2016

This morning we were going to spend a few hours at Universal. We had an alarm set for 8am today, so we got up and ready and ended up leaving the house at about 9.30am. We parked up in Jaws and headed straight on into the park. Liam needed to use the bathroom first thing, so I was antsy about delaying valuable ride time so he could do that!

The park was really quiet at this time in the morning (it wouldn’t last!) and everything other than Despicable Me had bearable wait times. I parked myself up outside the Mummy whilst I waited for Liam to use a nearby restroom and then we plonked our stuff in a locker and headed into the normal queue as it was only about 15 minutes wait time. I actually can’t remember the last time I went through the normal queue! So we fiddled with loads of the interactive bits.

Trippy Day 8 The Mummy

When we got to the end of the line we realized there was absolutely zero queue in the single rider line so wished we had done that! However, in the normal queue, we did get to go on the front row together, for the first time! It was pretty awesome. After riding once we decided to go back on through the single rider queue and again, we were in the same car just one behind the other – we walked straight on. When we were done here we went to get our stuff from the lockers and strolled past Transformers but the queue was horrendous, so big it was outside! So we walked on through to Men In Black, skipping Diagon Alley.

Trippy Day 8 The Knight Bus

We didn’t even bother trying the normal queue as it was 30 minutes which is way too long for us (also, the pre-show is awful and a waste of time!) so we headed straight into the single rider queue and did this twice. The first time we were in the same car one behind the other, and the second time we were in separate vehicles. We always like to try and get on opposite sides, so we can spin each other’s cars round at the end! The second time, Liam claimed his gun did work as he didn’t get many points, and he reckons sometimes the guns just don’t work. I got 289,000, so I was pleased!

At this point we headed down to the Simpsons which has a wait time of 20 minutes, so we said we’d come back as I needed to head to the toilets. Whilst I was doing this, Liam heard someone shouting about the animal show starting so when I came out he said why don’t we go and see it? It had been years since either of us had so we headed in. It was quite funny as none of the animals were doing anything they were supposed to be doing! And it feature some celebrity animals too haha.

Once it was over, we walked back to the Simpsons and it still only said 25 minutes, so we walked in and straight back out as the queue looked huge, way longer than 25 minutes! At this point I was really hungry as Liam had eaten a sandwich during the animal show but I haven’t made one. So we said we’d head to get me some food in the Leaky Cauldron as we wanted to go in there.

I ordered a Fish Pie and a Potted Butterbeer Cream and it cost me about $20 with discount – just absolutely ridiculous for what I got, and no drink. A meal for one, with no drink, just ridic. Then eating in this place, oh my gosh, it is a complete faff. They give you a candlestick once you’ve eventually managed to order and then you have to get into a massive swamp type queue where everyone’s edging in from the sidelines to be seated. Eventually we made it to the front and were given a seat on a table opposite eachother, a long table, shared with other people. When they brought my food out, the pie was basically just a microwaved Youngs fish pie, but tasted nowhere near as good.

Trippy Day 8 Leaky Cauldron

It smelt, and tasted, like pure pepper. Do not order this. Liam said all he could smell was pepper, like someone had put a pepper grinder under his nose. It tasted of absolutely nothing but the aftertaste was pure pepper. There was a lot of fish in it, so they didn’t skimp on that as you’d expect, but it was so peppery I could taste any fish. And you could tell it had just been zapped in the microwave for a minute and then brought out to me. You got a side salad with it but it was unimpressive!

Trippy Day 8 Leaky Cauldron

However, I did think the Potted Butterbeer Creamwas really, really nice – as did Liam, for a change! He said he wouldn’t want to eat the whole thing to himself, and I agreed, as it was pretty sweet. There was an older man working in there going around wearing a crazy wizards hat and glasses and he was entertaining everyone! He was great! We had seen him when we were queueing to order and he was really in character saying he didn’t have his wizard glasses and couldn’t see anything! He obviously got a job in Diagon Alley and is just a really, really massive HP fan which is great! So whilst we were eating he was going round our table telling us stuff and trivia. He told us the Leaky Cauldron at Orlando is an exact replica of what you see in the third film except there are no wanted posters of Sirius Black. Then the guy realized everyone had stopped eating to listen to his amazing facts and he was like, no no don’t stop eating because of me! And we were all saying, but it’s interesting!!

Trippy Day 8 Spells

When I finished eating we went out into the street and did a bit of interactive wand stuff. Interestingly, with the wands, everyone gravitates to the spots that everyone else is queuing for rather than using the map, so if you look at the actual map you’ll find loads of spots that no one’s actually queuing for. There are some really good ones like this, like the blacksmiths ones. I thought they were the best! We did try to do some shop windows but the place was so full of people pushing in we gave up.

Trippy Day 8 Spells

We headed down Knockturn Alley and it was so quiet! We did everything down there and they all worked. We also did the special one in the window which had had the biggest queue the other night – you point your wand at it and your body takes over the skeleton in the window and you can move and dance and make it do loads of silly movements. At this point, Liam hadn’t successfully cast a spell yet, so I gave him the wand for the last spell before we left in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes window, he managed to flush the toilet hehe.

We were so done with HP and Universal in general now, it was super busy, but Liam needed to go to Islands to get me some secret birthday presents so we got on the Hogwarts Express. It was the longer queue we’ve ever waited but luckily for us they were calling for 2 so we got to go through. We ended up in a super cramped cabin but the family we were with were hilarious. There was about 6 adult sized people and 2 kids so you can imagine how cramped it was! They just kept asking stupid HP questions, and having discussions amongst themselves, they couldn’t remember how many films there were and they all agreed it was 6. Then when Hagrid popped up, they kept asking who he was and were so confused but when we arrived at the station and he was waving at us they took it SUPER SUPER seriously and properly waved back like he was there for real. It was so cute and funny.

Liam needed to go on his secret mission when we got off so we arranged to meet at the IoA entrance, just out the bakery, in a little while. So I went straight to the Port of Entry shop to have a look round and then just stood outside the bakery. Liam was late! But finally turned up. Turns out (well he claims) he was early but had been waiting at another door to the bakery haha. I said he couldn’t have been because I had been and looked at all the doors and he wasn’t there, but he says there was a point when he walked away to look for me and came back so I must have walked out when he’d walked off and blab la bla… you get the point!

Trippy Day 8 Cake

Trippy Day 8 CakeHe was starving so he headed into the bakery and got a massive slice of black forest cake – it only cost about $4 with our AP discount and it was huge! He said it was nice, moist moist cake! But it did give him a belly ache because it was so much. We headed to the car when he was done, it was about 2 o’clock and we called in at Walmart on the way home for some groceries.

We wanted to have some pool time, as we hadn’t had much so far because of the terrible weather. In Walmart, I looked for a zip up jacket or cardigan, but apparently they don’t sell them in Florida! I asked a lady in the shop if they sell cardigans and she seemed genuinely baffled. The evening weather the past few nights had been cold and as I was wearing a dress tonight I didn’t really want to cover it up with a big old jumper!

Anyway, with that being unsuccessful, we rushed around and got some fruit and groceries and dashed back to the villa, it was now nearly 4pm! We went in, got changed and re-sun creamed and tried desperately to get straight into the pool. Unfortunately the pool was FREEZING! I can only assume from the amount of rain the other day. Nobody would ever have been able to get used to that temperature – I’m normally really good at getting straight in but I couldn’t. I just waded uncomfortably up to my shoulders and then got out! It wasn’t too bad as it was warm out of the water so we just played table tennis. Then I got a bit bored so my mom played it with Liam for about 45 minutes whilst I just sat on the sun lounger reading a magazine!

My dad came out to play and claimed he’d won some kindof ping pong trophy and proceeded to change all the rules, taking it too seriously haha, and everyone gave up!

We had homemade Mexican for dinner, Liam mostly cooked it whilst I had a shower and got ready for the evening. The beans and vegetables were nice, but he also put some sweet potato chips in and they didn’t cook properly so they taste really bad. We got ready and went out to Magic Kingdom – being a Saturday evening it was crazily busy. We arrived just before 8pm and we were right at the back in Ursula 330, miles, miles back. We went in the park together and did our first FP, which was Pirates of the Caribbean.

After that we headed our separate ways, as my parents wanted some food and Liam once again needed the toilet – classic Liam. He went in the Rapunzel toilets and then we headed to the Haunted Mansion. The queue was 25 minutes and we also had a FP for Jungle Cruise but I thought we’d manage to do both and watch the fireworks so we headed in. It was funny because the queue on the inside of the building was so big they were only letting about 10 people at once into the pre-show room to make it extra creepy. It was really cool hearing every little sound, and then once we headed through everyone was just desperately trying to filter into the doom buggys and the queue was out of control! They kept breaking down and going slow but eventually we got on!

Trippy Day 8 MK

Apparently, at some point we also went on the Carousel

Trippy Day 8 MKIt was about 9.30pm when we got off so we headed to Main St for the fireworks. We went to my all-time favourite spot, which is in line with the Ice Cream Parlor. We had a decent view and then some people turned up with a kid on their shoulder and it didn’t bother me too much as they were to the right of us because they kept descending further and further in during Celebrate the Magic and they were right in front of us. At the break between this and Wishes, they took the child down as the adults shoulders ached and we gestured to eachother to make a move for it! We headed infront of them closer to the front of this section and ended up with a great view behind a group of people who actually cared if we could see or not. They asked us if we could see ok and if they should move and we were like, no no its fine! They were shorter than us so we were fine! We had an amazing view right down the middle of Main Street. There was kids going up on shoulders, but luckily they were far enough ahead that they didn’t get in the way and there weren’t any people near us looking at it through their phone so we got a great view! The best we’d had in years.

We originally said we’d go to Space Mountain after that but then I suggested that’s probably what the majority of people do because I heard some other people saying that was their plan too! So I said I think it would be better if we rushed off to Frontierland and did Big Thunder Mountain. So once Wishes finished we rushed rushed rushed and it had a 20 minute queue. That was fine for us – it was, however, the first time we’d been in the normal queue in years and it was so cool! There was so much interactive stuff to play with! Setting off bombs with the plungers!

Once we got on the ride it was, of course, dark, yay! But we were in the front car, the back of it, so it was really good! It was smoother at the front, and we didn’t seem to fly out as much, but it was still fun and it’s always way better in the dark. We had a FP for Seven Dwarves next and it was time to head over there. It was 10.45pm at this point. It was a little after 11 when we arrived as we’d walked via Splash Mountain to take some night time photos!

Trippy Day 8 MK

We walked straight onto the Mine Train with our Fastpasses and as we got to the front of the queue, I said to Liam, we’re going to be in the back again because we always are. And then the party in front of us was the very back row so yay! WE WERE IN THE FRONT ROW!! It was amazing, literally so much better, its super smooth and you really can feel the barrel swinging around and you can barely feel it at the back. It’s a totally different experience and you get sortof boosted round the track and the view is sooo good in the mine! I want to do it on the front every time. It really made me think of the ride differently.

Trippy Day 8 MK

We headed on through to Tomorrowland after that to do Space Mountain, when we got there it had a half hour queue and Liam headed to the toilet – again! Then we waited in the queue. We were debating whether to go round and ride it again once we’d done the first ride as we wanted to try and stay super late but we decided we were too tired so we only had one go. When we go off we ran to the Peoplemover for a go round and when we got off that it was one minute past midnight.

Trippy Day 8 MK

We headed to Main St for an ice cream – it’s our tradition at the end of a MK day! I had one scoop of strawberry and I got robbed! Liam had a scoop of mint and a scoop of chocolate. I paid $4.50 for one scoop and he paid $5 for two! So we had our ice creams on Main St, as we always do, on the chairs outside the parlor. We were super freezing! The temperature had dropped and I was wearing my pretty dress I’d been saving for MK, so even though it was cold, I got Liam to walk over to the castle and take some pictures of me, and then we stopped for some photopass ones.

Trippy Day 8 MK

These are some of my favourite because she was making us laugh and we look so natural!

We slogged onto the Monorail (don’t you just want to click your fingers and be at your car at the end of an MK day?!) and eventually got back to the car. There were only a few left where we were parked – my parents were, of course, gone. It was late when we got in and we didn’t get to sleep until 2am! Tomorrow was supposed to be our 4 parks 1 day, but we decided not to do that this year as we needed sleep – tomorrow night we would be at the MK after hours party, eeep! We slept through until late on Sunday – we both really needed it.

See you at Day 9!

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