Friday May 6th 2016

Today we altered our plans slightly again and decided on Typhoon Lagoon in the morning, followed by an afternoon Epcot and out to dinner at Ohana in the evening. We set the alarm for 8am as we wanted to arrive at TL for its 10am opening. It ended up being kindof cold on this day, unfortunately, but either way we left the villa at just past 9.30am, arriving at TL just past 10am.

With the chilly weather it wasn’t ideal first thing so we just got straight into the wave pool for a few waves, before heading out to the lazy river. We only went a couple of stops down before we got out and did Crush Gusher. We were going to go round for a second time but by the time we’d gone round a queue had formed so they were getting people to go all the way round the queue instead of just waving you through with the float you had.

Instead, we headed back to the wave pool and stayed in again for a couple of waves before getting back out! We were going to leave and come back but when we looked at the times guide the waves would have changed to bobbing wave by the time we came back so we altered our planned route around the park and stayed in the wave pool for another half hour.

I left just before the half hour was up to use the toilet, and Liam and I arranged to meet under the big shipwreck clock at about 12pm. We didn’t want to stay too much longer as we wanted to go to Epcot, so once we met back up we went in the lazy river just swimming for a full loop, and then left.

As we were leaving at aroundd half 12, it was really good as not many other people were, so the showers and changing rooms were deserted! We both spent an ages getting all ready and sun creaming ourselves and just generally enjoying having an empty changing room. We got in the car and headed to Epcot.

Trip Report Day 7

Our first FP today was for Spaceship Earth, so we did that as soon as we arrived. We didn’t have that much time to spend at Epcot as we needed to go home and get ready for Ohana tonight, and we’d also decided we wanted to make time to visit Disney Springs this afternoon. As we’d been on Spaceship Earth as soon as our FP opened, this gave us two hours until the end of our second FP and in those two hours we decided to walk around the world.

We didn’t stop and do anything of note in the world, we just had a look at the different Flower and Garden food booths. We were trying to decipher what to eat as we were going our for dinner we just wanted something snack size. The first booth was called Urban Eats, and Liam spotted something that sounded nice but said he would wait and see if he saw anything else!

We carried on, not really seeing anything we fancied trying that much. I thought for sure before we came I’d have something in America, but when I actually saw the menu I was a bit like, hmm, it doesn’t sound that nice really. I knew there was something I wanted in Italy though, and I ordered the parmo – it was only little, but really nice! We stood at a table whilst I ate that, and then carried on around the world. I had a dessert in Germany, which was fried egg bread with a cherry compote and powdered sugar, and this was so so nice! It was only about $3 so it was pretty cheap for the amount you got. I’d say the desserts are much better value than the mains!

It was now getting close towards the end of our FP window so we went straight back to Urban Eats for Liam to get his food. In the end, he said it was disgusting! In his words: “They say you eat with your eyes, and it looked like a hockey puck on a piece of bread. It tasted of nothing, it didn’t really taste of anything but pesto, which it was coated in and was just not very nice.” It was a vegetarian white bean naanwich and after this he got a headache!

Trip Report Day 7

The offending naanwich.

We had to rush straight to the FP next, which was for the Disney Pixar short film festival. We got in and had a nice seat in the queue area but they shooed us down to the next room and said it was 15 minutes until the next showing! They forced everyone to stand, and kept shouting to move down to the front of the room. We didn’t have very high hopes considering the last time we were in this building it was to see Captain EO, so Liam kept saying shall we just leave. I forced him to stay and in the end it was really, really good!

I never noticed during EO but the seats in this theatre move! They had redone 3 shorts in 3D for the show, the first one was Get a Horse, the second was La Luna and the third was For the Birds. I haven’t seen For the Birds in so long and it was just hilarious, I was in hysterics. It was worth a ride for sure!

After that we said we’d headed to Club Cool for a cool down and a drink, and on the way there we stopped at a Passholders area we had noticed earlier. Inside, we were given a free sealed Flower and Garden artwork – unfortunately we both got Mickey, noooo. They actually had a Mickey stamp on the bottom, to verify they were official, so it was nice to get something for free.

We headed through to Club Cool, and at around the same time, I had gotten a message from my parents with an image that looked like they were at Starbucks round the corner. They actually had the same FP next – Test Track. The drinks in Club Cool actually tasted nice today, and they all seemed really brightly coloured, too. We avoided the Beverley!

Trip Report Day 7

My parents managed to get this really cool pic at Epcot. The photopass guy said he was practising with a fisheye lens.

Walking through to Starbucks we spotted my parents on the balcony so we walked right up to the bush and talked to them to ask if we should all go on Test Track together. They’d never done it since it has been refurbished so I thought it would be nice. We carried on to Mouse Gear whilst they finished there coffees, and they met us in there a few minutes later.

In the Test Track FP queue, we probably only waited about 15 minutes. We designed our cars and Liam did a little bug for us, a solar powered bugger and my parents did a giant super car. Liam’s had a solar panel on its head like a little hat! It also had loads of jazzy graphics and boosters. On the ride, with it being the four of us, we were split into 2 and 2.

Trip Report Day 7

Liam’s car

Trip Report Day 7

My parent’s car

Trip Report Day 7

After that, we needed to leave pretty much immediately, and they were staying, so we said goodbye and headed out. We walked to the car park discussing the tram system at Epcot – the car park is so small compared to the rest of the parks, you never seem to need to get the tram. I wondered to Liam if there even is a regular tram as you rarely see it, but there were people waiting for one!

We drove to Disney Springs and parked up. We didn’t really do a whole lot there, we just walked around quickly pressed for time. I sp
otted Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar and I had really wanted to go in there so I suggested to Liam we have a look inside – once in I said maybe we should have a drink? And Liam agreed! We went in and it was really nice and casual, unplanned – just went in and sat and got a table as the place was quiet.

The waitress came and served us really quickly and I ordered a Reggie’s Revenge. It was really strong, and bright green in a really cool glass, and Liam had a non alcoholic lemonade type drink. We thought about having food because the menu looked so nice but as we were going to Ohana we didn’t want to spoil it. We’d love to go back here. We just relaxed and took loads of pictures and videos. It cost us about $15 and the whole process of paying the bill was so quick, so we were able to rush over to the Lego shop.

We quickly looked around and were a bit disappointed – through our own fault really. We’d been buying Lego left right and centre in the UK so we’d sapped up all the set we wanted to buy and there was nothing special to get over here. We had a really quick look around World of Disney and then we had to turn around and go to the car. It was about 10 to 6 when we left and of course we got stuck in traffic! We ended up getting home at about half 6 and our ressie was at 8pm and we were supposed to leave at 7! Ahhhh! I ran in and had a super quick shower. My dad said he didn’t think we’d need to leave until 7.15pm.

To be fair, I probably didn’t need to rush as when we got in, my mom hadn’t even thought about getting ready and she needed to do all the same stuff as me! We did end up leaving at 7.15pm. We drove to MK and walked past the monorail into the Polynesian resort. I hadn’t realised it was so easy to walk!

We got there, and the Polynesian seemed super busy. We always said we would like to stay there but thinking about it we said it would be like leaving a park and coming back into one, as so many people were hanging around! At least at the end of the day if you go back to a villa, or off-site, there’s generally not that many people milling around. There were no seats free at all! I was thinking how horrible it would be if you were staying there and something was wrong with your room so you needed to go to the lobby, only to find people were EVERYWHERE!

When we checked in we were given a buzzer which went off after about 5 minutes. We headed through into the restaurant and had all of the courses. You start with bread, then salad, then noodles and veg, meat and finally, dessert. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail as I will be writing a full review. Suffice to say, we personally don’t believe it was worth $50 per head, considering we paid $10 for a steak in the ABC Commisionary at Hollywood Studios and we liked it better! I’ll let you know once I’ve got my review post up – though it may be hosted on a different Disney magazine blog.

After dinner, we were supposed to go to the Magic Kingdom as it was open until midnight, but when we got outside it was freezing! Being in just a dress and no cardi and not wanting to be out in the cold, we just headed back to the villa for an early night!

Carry on down to Day 8!

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