Wednesday May 4th 2016

I have to apologise for the lack of picture and videos today! It was a bad weather day.

So my voice notes say this was otherwise known as rainy day, or argument day! Everyone was miserable. The evening before, Liam and I had already cancelled our plans to go to Busch Gardens (we’d only planned one BG day and wouldn’t replace it – a big commitment for Liam who LOVES it there, but we wanted more Disney goodness). So the alternative plan was Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios to watch the Star Wars fireworks again.

But then… I got up. The alarm was set for a little later today being as the waterparks don’t open until 10am, but I was awakened at 6.15am by the huge sound of thunder, rain and my bedroom just generally shaking! You could hear massive bands of lightning, so I lay there, but realizing I’d never sleep through it I got up.

I just had a mooch around, looking out the back windows to the pool so I could see the full extent of it all. Liam got up shortly after, hearing the hurricane-like noises too. So we crept around the living room quietly, looking at the pure rain falling down. We spoke a little and realised there was literally nothing we could really do today in this weather. Unfortunate, as in our May 2014 trip we’d only had one rainy afternoon, but we got a fair bit this year. We decided we’d have to go shopping today.

Trip Report Day 5

A brief Winnie the Pooh Disneybound!

After having a leisurely morning we decided to head to the Premium Outlets as we hadn’t put in any time to go there. They have outdoor and indoor sections but quite a bit of it is covered over so we through it would probably be ok. My parents had decided to drive to the Ellenton Premium Outlets which we visited last year when we stayed at the beach – from Orlando it was about 90 miles away! So they drove for 2 hours each way! Since there was only one set of villa keys, we said we would take them as we’d left after then, and we were going to put them in the lockbox outside the front door so whoever came home first could get them… Remember that tidbit for later!!

We left and headed to the Premium Outlets. I used the recent history in the sat nav to get us there, so we weren’t sure which one it was taking us to! We ended up at the one nearer to Sea World, Vineland Avenue. We walked around the shops and the rain was still absolutely horrendous – we were running between all of the covered areas to try and not get wet! I brought a couple of things, including my lovely Vera Bradley Disney bag which was reduced in the Character Warehouse (have a look at my haul video here!). I also brought some tiki mugs, and a dress and bag from the Vans outlet. It was super busy in the shops!

Once we were done, we headed back to the car to eat our packed lunch under cover! It was whilst we were eating lunch that we realized, omg, we still had the keys!! By this point it was getting on for 2 o’clock. Liam said we should go home, I said we should continue on as I thought they’d be a lot longer. Liam said he’d be incredibly annoyed if he came home in the rain and couldn’t get in. Eventually we said we’d stay out, to get the other Premium Outlets done, but as we were driving out I knew it was wrong and I told Liam fine! Let’s just go home and come back! And after a bit of an argument ensued as we were both tired and niggly we headed home.

It was about 2.20pm when we got in, and we decided we’d freshen up a bit and talk about what we should do now. We had planned to go with my parents that evening to HS, but realized we wouldn’t have enough time to go out to the mall, come home to the villa AND go to HS, so we’d have to go straight from the mall to HS. In the end, my parents arrived home and said they’d take me back to the mall another time – basically the whole reason for this discussion is because Liam was done with shopping and he didn’t want to go up to the other Premium Outlets so I had no way of getting there!

I have literally put in these notes that that made me very mad and sad that Liam would not take me back to the mall! So since we no longer had to go, as my parents were now going to take me another day, we just hung around and relaxed. I had a nap for an hour, and it was still very rainy when I got up. Liam said I woke up incredibly grumpy, but the thing was – I was exhausted! I could barely get up but I had to to get to HS on time! I felt like when I got up everyone else was being pretty grumpy too, so this led to it being dubbed the Day of a Thousand Grumps! We left the house at about 4.45pm, and it was absolutely pouring down. I wore my rain mac out.

The first thing we did was go on Tower of Terror. If you look at my parents ToT ride video, you can actually see rain infront of the camera. I had to wear jeans!!! After that, we headed to Rock n Roller, my parents had a FP, but we didn’t so we just headed in the normal queue which was only 20 minutes. They were a few cars ahead of us, so it didn’t take long at all. We asked to wait for the front, which we love to do!

After that, we headed back to ToT again! (My favourite!) There was virtually no queue so we walked straight in and finally, after that, it was time for our Great Movie Ride FP. Remember, all this time walking from ride to ride it was still raining absolutely hideously! I had a mac, but Liam didn’t, so he was virtually soaked through the whole evening.

As always, the Movie Ride was terrible! Liam said he didn’t want to do it, but, come on! It’s got to be done! So after that snore fest we headed to the ABC Commissionary for some tasty steak! My parents had had it the other evening and given it good reviews, so we had to try! It was amazing! One of our best park meals ever, and it’s quick service! Liam said it was the best park meal this holiday, maybe even ever! We had BBQ sauce, ranch, ketchup and chips to dip. Our only gripe was that the green beans were quite soggy, and had been cooked in salty water.

After that delicious feast we headed over to Star Tours because we thought we had a FP. Turns out we didn’t – not now, anyway. We were an hour early because I’d mixed the times up. We had a ToT FP now, but I’d gotten confused because we’d already done it. At this point it was just pouring down terribly, so to get out of the open at the Star Tours queue we just ran into that backlot type restaurant that’s next door to it. We just sat there for ages, absolutely miserable and soaked through. At this point I was soaked through my rain mac. We decided to head back to ToT for our FP, so we made a break for it down the street.

As we walked passed the Sound Stage building I noticed a sign to meet Olaf! It said 10 minutes so we headed in. Liam said he’d just take a picture for me! We’re both pretty awkward with character meets. There was no one in there! I just walked straight up to Olaf! Cause it was kindof hidden, unadvertised, and rainy, no one else was bothering. Bonus!

So, off we ran towards ToT, and I said to Liam, I NEED to stop on one of the shops and get a poncho as I’m soaking through. So we headed in, I was thinking, this is gonna be about $4, huh. Even that felt like a rip off. So I saw them behind the till, and I asked the guy, how much is a poncho? His reply: $10.01. Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I literally did a ridiculous face, like “10 dollars!??!?!?” and he did a face back. And then I was just like, OK! I’ll get one. Can’t believe I spent 10 dollars on a poncho.

We carried on our mission to ToT, but then this time we spotted my parents huddled under a ledge outside the Villains in Vogue shop. Hilariously, they had a poncho each! We went over to them, they were looking all miserable, and I said “You spent 20 dollars on ponchos?!?!” Haha, it was so funny, they were robbed, too! At this point, everyone wanted to go home except Liam. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Disney, but this was uncomfortable. Liam, even though he was the wettest person, wanted to take advantage of the lack of queues. And in his words, he’s so hardcore, so in the end, the three of us left him running down the street to Rock n Roller.

Trip Report Day 5 Liam on RnR

He’s so hardcore – he continued on alone in my rain mac!

Trip Report Day 5 BB8 CupcakeThe three of us headed off to Starbucks to wait for him. I had been intending to get a cupcake, but on the way there I realized I would prefer it if they brought me a cupcake haha, so I suggested this to my dad and he agreed. It was a hard decision but I went with the BB8 Cupcake – it was ok, maybe I should have gotten the butterfinger one instead. We’d been hanging around in Starbucks for a bit and then I said I was just going to have a look in the 5 and Celebrity shop down the road to see if they had a Lumiere to match my Cogsworth (see Day 3).

I had been in this shop when we first arrived to check for him – but no luck. So I headed on in, and what did I see?! A Lumiere!! He was sat on the shelf on display so I headed straight to the till and said Can I have a Lumiere?! The sweetest older man served me, and he headed out back to collect one for me. I was so happy I had found him! (Lumiere, that is! Not the old man!!). I was now the proud owner of Lumiere and Cogsworth, yippee!

Heading back to Starbucks with him where I proudly proclaimed what I had found. Liam caught up with us then, and we headed to the car in the still miserable weather. It had started to slow down a little, as we got on the tram. I started to regret leaving, but as we drove away it was just as heavy again. So we made the right decision to leave. We had a nice early night, anyway. What a terrible rainy day!

I promise next time there are LOTS and LOTS of pictures from Universal, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for you to see!!

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