Tuesday May 3rd 2016

We woke up on Day 4 and I think this is where the plan we’d put together started to fall apart! Instead of staying out all day long at Disney Springs, Typhoon Lagoon and Animal Kingdom (when I’d put this plan together was when Disney had announced the new AK nighttime show would be opening April 22nd) we decided to have a lazy morning, head to Blizzard Beach and then Animal Kingdom. We spent the lazy morning mooching around the villa and messing out in the pool, and my parents headed out to Walmart to top up on supplies!

Around 11am we headed to BB. We had a kerfuffle in the car park! My dad, driving his boat like car, wanted to get as close as possible to the entrance so he drove all the way down to the first row to find, SURPRISE SURPRISE, there were no spaces on the front row of BB on a hot day. So he had to drive all the way back round to the entrance and ended up parking in row 9 or something!

We headed in and went to get a locker – it used to be that you got a partial refund on the lockers, so my mom went up and asked at what used to be the locker booth. Now they said you can only pay with your magic band at the kiosk and otherwise you had to use these electronic booths. We shared a large locker between the 4 of us and it was $15 – this was ok when you used to get a refund but now you pay the full amount no matter how long you spend in the park! Super annoying for us as we always only spend a couple of hours or we used to go last thing when they reduced the locker price down to $5. The lockers are now operated on a pin code system.

We headed off our separate ways, and Liam and I went straight for the lazy river. We only floated down about 2 stops before we got out near the Storm Slides – the 3 slide sets that weave through the hill, with one of them being covered. I did a couple of different versions, and Liam did all 3. I sat and waited at the end on the seating area whilst he did his third, he took absolutely ages, to the point where I thought something has happened to him. When he finally popped out, he told me a child at the top didn’t want to go on. Well his dad, instead of taking him back down the stairs, kept trying to force him into the rubber ring and instead of letting other people go infront of them they just sat there in the mouth of the slide trying to force the kid down. It went on for atleast 10 minutes! So Liam was just stuck, with several people in front of and behind him in the queue all just looking at eachother and making faces.

We headed to the locker next for some sustenance! We had a Quest Bar. I have wanted to try one of these for years as they have such amazing flavours for a protein bar, and I’d managed to find them in Publix – they don’t seem to stock them in Walmart. This time it was Cookie Dough flavoured and I thought it was super tasty, but Liam said it tasted like emergency rations!! Then we headed to the ski lift, choosing the single express line so we didn’t have to wait but were sat with random people.

Once at the top of the mountain we headed down the Slush Gusher path to watch people go down the big slides, and the queue wasn’t that long. I said there was no way I was going down it though, and Liam didn’t want to on his own. Instead we headed to Team Boat Springs and got paired with a sweet family. It was a couple with a young son and he kept screaming and holding onto the rails before we got on – he didn’t want to go because he thought he would be doing it on his own and they kept saying, no, no, we’ll be in a big boat together! In the end he had loads of fun and was laughing and giggling whilst they all made silly noises on the way down!

The slide felt really fast and fun today! At the end, it started to rain as we waded out of the boat, and we were thinking they would get us out of the water soon so we headed towards the wave pool. Before we got in for some reason we decided not to and to just go to the lockers and see if my parents had arrived back yet as we’d arranged to meet at 1.30pm. Well they weren’t there, so we sat for a few minutes and realised what are we doing?! So we went and got in the pool for ten minutes. The rain then started quite badly, so we got out. We thought the changing rooms would get super busy if we waited longer. Luckily, they were there this time so we all headed to get changed and then got on the road to Animal Kingdom.

Our first FPs were at 2pm. We both has 3 FPs but for different rides. When we got to AK no one was directing the traffic, so again, my dad tried to drive closer where there was no spaces and ended up doing a random massive loops when he realised he would have to drive out and back in! We ran to try and get a space on the tram which was waiting but the woman was insanely shouting “NO FURTHER BOARDING! NO FURTHER BOARDING!” which was ridiculously annoying as we then had to sit and wait for five minutes whilst this tram just sat there waiting for another one to arrive. I understand why they have to stop people boarding for the safety message and stuff, but really, to tell everyone not to board and then just sit there for ages??

When the next tram did turn up my dad said we should walk to the end of the tram because we’ll be closer to the entrance when we get there, which made no sense, as the AK tram drop off is vertical to the entrance haha. So we let them do what they thought would get themselves in a few minutes quicker and we just stayed at the end.

Once we finally got into AK we arranged to meet them at 6pm, park closing time, to the left hand side of the exit (opposite Rainforest Café). Just as we scanned our magic bands and headed in it started to rain really heavily! Luckily we were just walking through the tree covered entrance walkway so we huddled in there for a bit before just deciding to go ahead as we were hungry! I had a look on MDE for our first FP and instead of staying Dinosaur it said Multiple Experiences, which I assumed meant Dino had gone down! So we said we may aswell go and get food NOW! We had meant to pack a lunch but we were too busy in the pool this morning!

We headed over to Flame Tree and Liam didn’t see anything he liked on the menu (he’s incredibly picky, I’m the opposite) so we went and had a look at a couple of smaller booths in the area but there was nothing nice at all. I loaded up the app to look at the Restaurant-o-saurus menu and we were going to head there but at the last minute Liam announced he’d try Flame Tree afterall! Yay! We got in the queue and I ordered the half chicken, which comes with corn bread, coleslaw and beans and Liam had the pulled pork sandwich which came with beans.

Liam had never eat pulled pork before, but he said it was alright, not so bad! Whoop! Mine was super tasty, but I ended up having to eat it with my hands. I don’t ever eat meat off the bone, especially with my hands, so I felt like some kind of cannibal or something! I really enjoyed it, but I’ve had this meal in both 2015 and 2016 now so I think I’ll give it a rest on the next trip!

This was the progress of the new theatre at the time!

After eating I thought I’d load up the app to see if Dino had a wait time, because I figured if it had a wait time that meant it was back up and running. It had one of 40 minutes, so we headed over there and got in the FP queue. It must have JUST reopened, as the normal queue was way faster than the FP queue. The normal queue was walking straight in, whilst the FP queue was right out the door and we weren’t moving! Anyway, in the end we got through, at the very back of a pre-show room. We decided we weren’t in a rush really so rather than try and make our way through the crowd we just decide to linger a bit and wait until the room was mostly empty before joining the second queue ourselves. There were only two people behind us. We got to the front of the queue and into our ride vehicles, when the ride operator lady said to us “I hope you’ve got dino snacks because they’re gonna be hungry!” I then buckled up and turned around to find… the car was empty! There were just four of us in the front row. Silly, I know, but another bit of fun Disney magic.We’d never ridden on the front row before either! It was scary, as usual, and I looked at the dinos a little but I was right on the same side as the big guy and could barely look!

After that, we headed to Everest, having a slow walk there as we had a FP. We walked straight on. The magic band signs worked again for Liam, and not me! We managed to get a picture of it this time! By this point we were super tired, and it was hot, and our next FP was at 4.15pm for a Safari ride so we headed slowly in that direction. We grabbed a wildberry slush – we’d had one last year in the special musical tumbler and it cost us about $15, well this year we asked for it without and I was still expecting to pay about $10, but it was only $4!!

Walking slowly down we stopped for a Photopass photographer. He had a huge queue, and it took a long time but we managed to finish the slush whilst we were waiting. He was spending lots of time with each party, and he got us to do loads of different poses. He asked if we wanted to take our sunglasses off, and I was going to but then remembered we’d been to BB and I had no make up on! So I told him that! Then he kept saying silly stuff about it like, “Do the face you did in the mirror this morning when you realised you had no make up on!” and shouting in a silly voice, “Where’s my lip liner?!”. So silly!

Eventually, we made it to the safari area. To be honest, we’ve both done this to death and aren’t big fans. Like Liam said, it’s boring, and the animals look fed up. We felt bad as the elephants were just swaying backwards and forwards like they hate being there – exactly what the polar bear was doing at Sea World last year and it was awful. Two elephants were doing it, and it was horrible, so we stopped taking pictures after that.

We were so tired at this point with the heat, I wanted to leave. I sent a message to my parents to ask if they were ready to go but they never saw it! So we went back to Everest. Liam went on another time and I said outside in a shady bit and read the news on my phone. I thought he would be ages because he had to go in the normal queue as the single rider line was closed, but he walked straight on and he came out and got me super quickly! We both went on together through the normal queue.

It was now 5.15pm and I wanted to leave as I was so hot. We started a slow walk out of the park, stopping for a frozen coke! This is my new favourite thing in Disney, I had one every time we went to AK.

At the entrance, we sat down on the bench we said we’d meet them at and started counting the lizards. We were getting into the tens when we realised there were literally tons of them just stood in the background, blending in! We said they should rename it lizard kingdom!

Finally, my parents showed up not long after 6pm. We headed back to the villa. We were meant to go to Bahama Breeze this evening but my mom wasn’t feeling well and had a lie down (she blamed it on too much fanta haha). Me and Liam got in the pool for a bit again and did some lengths, and were in a right quandary as we didn’t know what to do for dinner. We looked at a load of menus since it was just the two of us but we couldn’t decide. In the end we settled on Sweet Tomatoes which I’d heard was an amazing option for vegetarian and picky eaters like Liam, so we had really quick showers, got ready, and arrived there at 8.15pm with it closing at around 9pm.

We both really, really loved it and wouldn’t hesitate to go again. Liam said it was nice too. There was no single ‘proper’ meal, but loads of nice salad and soup and pasta and bread! We did do it wrong though haha! We walked in and didn’t pay, thinking they bill you at the table, then after we’d filled our plates and taken a table someone was like, have you paid? And we hadn’t! So we had to sort it out! You’re meant to fill a plate with salad, pay at the end of the salad bar, and then move onto the hot food! It was great though, I really recommend it. Dessert was super tasty too.

Then we headed onto Target next door, and I brought some workout clothes (have a look!). We were so full though, we were on the verge of passing out, so it was not very enjoyable at all! We headed back to the villa with full bellies and did nothing but relaxed briefly before headed to sleep.

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