Sunday May 1st 2016

We had to be up super early this morning for our Be Our Guest breakfast reservation first thing. I’d set my alarm for quarter to 6am but I woke up needing the toilet at 5.20am and thought I may as well get up and start getting ready!

I thought I’d be the one to hold everyone up, but I was ready to go in good time whilst everyone out faffed around. Liam ate some cornflakes to line his stomach, but I didn’t have anything in preparation for the breakfast. We left the villa at 6.55am, as I remember looking at the time and when we arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Centre we were in the first row of cars.

My dad had the biggest hire car in the world this holiday, literally like a house and as we got out of the car my mom fell down the step at which point Liam jokingly said, “Day 1, Teresa falls out the car and breaks her neck” which she wouldn’t stop laughing at. We walked to the monorail and got on the resort one as the express one wasn’t working at this time in the morning.

There were two stops before MK, one at the Polynesian and one at the Grand Floridian. When we finally got off it was nice and quiet and we went down to bag check where my mom and I had to go through, and then through the metal detector – they were sending pretty much everyone through them at this time in the morning.

When we got through the gates we headed to the left hand side where the breakfast queue had formed and the cast member scanned my magic band with their tablet to check we were booked. We were let into the park at about 7.30am (the park was opening at 9am) and we weren’t anywhere near the front, so no empty Main Street photos but we did get some nice photopass pictures on our way through.

We had a slow stroll up the street taking videos and pictures and headed through the castle to Be Our Guest for 8am. We checked in and they sent us straight down into the queue – our reservation had been for 8.10am. There was quite a long, slow queue to wait to order but we eventually made it down there.

We each had a self-serve drink which you get with all of the meals for $24 per person. I had the Croque Madame, as did my dad and my mom had the Egg’s Florentine. They cut their meals in half and shared them. Liam had the cronut – except it wasn’t called a cronut for copyright issues!

We sat down in the main ballroom on a 6 person table as there were no 4 person tables left. We sorted our drinks and cutlery and waited for our food. Liam said his cronut was really nice but a bit sweet and as we had all the pastries too it was a pure sugar breakfast which gave him indigestion! Mine was really, really nice – so cheesy and tasty and the ham was really good and the pastries were really good and everything was really good!

The bill came to $101 and my dad paid for us all. We waited a while before leaving as we were looking around at the other empty tables to see if anyone had tipped. We couldn’t see that anyone had and assumed you didn’t have to since it was self-service so he didn’t leave a tip. We took a few pictures around the restaurant and my parents used the toilets before we left.

The plan now was to get to Seven Dwarves Mine Train. I hadn’t been able to get us a FP for this so I decided the best option would be for us to get there first thing so the queue was shorter. My parents had never been on this. We arrived at the queue for 9.01am and they had already let people into the park but luckily it was only a 30 minute queue.

Whilst we were in the queue it was a little boring, so I suggested to Liam we play on an app I had downloaded the year before. We had spotted other people playing it and got it last year – it’s called Heads Up and it involves you putting your phone on your head and trying to guess the person name on it. I was all connected to the Disney wifi so everything was up and running, and I thought I’d have a look through the different packs you could buy. Well one of them was Disney Parks! I brought it straight away for 83p and I’m so glad I did, we played it a lot in the longer queues.

The queue didn’t seem so bad in the end and so our first ride of the day was 7 Dwarves Mine Train. Liam said it’s no Everest, or Big Thunder Mountain, but its smooth and ok. I think our minds were changed later in the holiday, as we’d only ever been sat near the back and we started getting put near the front on other days!

We had a FP for Splash Mountain between 9.05 and 10.05 next so we strolled across the park in the adventure of Frontierland. We stopped in the Rapunzel area so I could sort out all of my GoPro gear and get it into the waterproof housing, and we arrived there at about 9.45. There were only a 10 minute wait at this time in the morning but we walked up the FP queue anyway.

We walked straight to the front and were put in Rows 1 and 2, my parents got in 2 so we were at the front. We weren’t worried as you don’t really get that wet on Splash (so we thought) until we went down the very first weeny drop and got soaked because a wave came over the front of the boat! I had to pull my bag from my feet quick time as all of my electrical items were inside it and hand it back to my parents for them to look after.

After that calamity I think we were just going round looking at each other thinking we weren’t enjoying it much because we were absolutely soaked. It was really strange to be back there so soon after spending such a long time there in 2015. We came off a little underwhelmed but our next FP was for Big Thunder Mountain between 10.05 and 11.05 so we headed straight there. It was 10.05 at this point and the queue was only 10 minutes for this too. Luckily, we really enjoyed this ride! It really shook us around as we were on the very back row!

After that we decided we’d head to Pirates of the Caribbean and this had a long wait! Half an hour – but we had to do it as it had been closed for refurbs for the whole of last summer so we’d never got on it! We used the Head’s Up Disney Deck a bit more and the wait seemed to go quite quickly so it was fine for me. I still have no idea why it was closed so long last year but some part of my brain was sure I’d read that it was to stop the boats bumping at the end – well they didn’t bump anymore, anyway!

Once we got off, my dad said he thought it was time for a Dole Whip. We were all astonished as we were still stuffed from breakfast but we headed down to the new Aloha Isle next to the Tiki Room. This was one of those moments where I got to direct everyone around the park and flaunt my knowledge of the fact the booth had moved and I was in on the news! He got the Whip and me and my mom had a little bit. We sat for a little bit and just relaxed as it felt so hot now compared to the British weather we had come from.

We got up and headed for Tomorrowland, walking across the hub area. We had Space Mountain Fastpasses and it was time for them, but when we arrived it had broken down. We headed into the shop there though, as my parents wanted to get some Magic Bands printed. They spent literally half an hour deciding what to have, asking incessant questions about the machines, claiming all the machines were different and being just generally technophobic, and it was at this point me and Liam realised we were babysitting them!

EVENTUALLY, we got there and they settled on their designs. My dad had an orange band with Haunted Mansion decals, and my mom got a purple one with Philharmagic decals (because it had lots and lots of characters on). You have to order them and return half an hour later so we headed to the People Mover as Space was still closed.

We made them tell the People Mover cast members we were two twos, so we wouldn’t have to sit in the same car! We went round and had a nice relax, and when we got to Space the lights were all on! That’s the second time that’s happened to us now. When we came off and it was still broken, we thought there was no point in waiting so we’d just go onto another ride. I went on the My Disney Experience app and it now pops up telling you you haven’t been able to ride and gives you a list of alternative rides – we decided on Buzz just because it was there and easy and I think that’s what everyone was doing.

The normal queue was looong – like 30 minutes – but in the FP queue we walked straight up. Liam said he hated it and I made him feel sick spinning the car around! He said he can’t quite put his finger on why it’s such a terrible ride, but it seems as though they just can’t be bothered with it and there’s nothing worth shooting. The opposite of Men In Black he says!

After this my parents headed to pick up their Magic Bands, but they wouldn’t set them up in the shop. I said I’d do it at the villa and it was nice and easy when I did it. They wanted to get a Starbucks now but we don’t drink coffee and I wanted an ice cream so we split up. I had no money so I made them give me some haha (I didn’t take any actual dollars, I only took a credit card with the intention to withdraw money). I also wanted to have a look in Momento Mori, the Haunted Mansion shop. So me and Liam headed in the direction of Haunted Mansion, taking the back way through Fantasyland. I grabbed a Mickey’s Premium Bar on the way (oh how I wish I had one now!) and once I got to the shop I decided against getting a HM Magic Band which is what I’d come for!

We walked back across to find my parents and couldn’t so we decided to look round the Emporium. They were looking in other shops and my mom had decided to get a new Pandora bracelet and some charms. She wanted to use my Annual Passholder discount but was totally unsubtle about it and made the lady tell us off, though we did get to use the discount. I was mad at the prospect of getting in trouble in Disney and I think we were all hot and naggy! Everyone was getting mad and shouty with tiredness – Liam blamed said we were the bumblers and the moaners. Bumble bumble moan moan. We went back to the car and luckily it didn’t take long owing to the fact we were parked nice and close.

On the way home we stopped off at Publix closest to the villa and did a big shop which cost us $99 – but we did get a lot of stuff. That was just for me and Liam. My parents had their own trolley and went off and did their own shopping. We headed back to the villa and just relaxed, went in the pool and on the tablet and after a while Liam and I had decided to go out to Universal.

Luckily with our AP discounts we don’t have to pay for parking, so hopping between different parks isn’t a problem for us. The weather was quite cool now so we didn’t end up staying in the pool too long and we got ready and left a lot earlier than we had thought we would – about 5 something. We arrived at Universal just past 6 and parked up, got into Citywalk and walked straight through to UO! It was a recommended day here and boy was that accurate, we walked straight onto everything.

We decided we’d do the park backwards but first we stopped in the new Hello Kitty store. They had some really nice things but it was very expensive. Going backwards we worked our way round Transformers, the Mummy and Diagon Alley and the Gringotts ride.

In Diagon Alley we had an ice cream, my absolutely fav Salted Caramel Blondie and it was my second ice cream of the day… no, third! I’d had a strawberry shortcake in the villa!

We were tired and flagging now and we had planned to stay until closing but we decided to just do Men in Black and go. Liam was ecstatic to get a score of 259,000 which was his best ever at this point – but it just kept going up over the course of the holiday! Mine was only 62,000, which was really bad for me.

Instead of leaving straight away we said we’d go to ET via Spongebob Storepants now. We headed in the shop and had a look at the merchandise and Liam popped to the toilet. When we got to ET it said it had a 15 minute wait and we’d just missed the doors closing, noooo! But luckily someone opened them for us and we ran in real quick.

ET was saying the names at the end tonight! Though we did get stuck next to him for about 15 minutes which wasn’t fun! On the way out of the park we stopped in the Hello Kitty store again and I picked up some Vanilla Rainbow Fudge for $3 something with discount. We were absolutely exhausted now but we needed food desperately so headed into Citywalk. We went up the stairs and had a brief look around at menus but we’d pretty much already decided on Panda Express.

It was at this point Liam realised how unobservant he was. I tend to look round at peoples, and surroundings, especially when I’m bored in a queue. Well the Panda Express queue was long, and we had a strange family in front of us. It was a dad and his two sons, and it seemed like a really strange arrangement. The elder child kept shouting in the younger child’s face. Eventually the younger child told dad he needed the toilet, at which the dad proceeded to go absolutely mental! Screaming and shouting saying he was sick of them and to get them away from him. Liam remembers absolutely nothing of this. He was most likely in his own little world worrying about the half and half side we were about to order.

It came to about $12 and we had a water, an apple juice and a plate with half and half chow mein and brown rice and two mains. Liam had one main, the broccoli beef, and I had the other – orange chicken, yum yum. It was really nice. Annoyingly we had forgotten to use our AP discount!

We sat upstairs above the cinema overlooking the Citywalk entrance and drank our apple juice and ate slowly. Once we were finished, we headed down the escalator back to the car and drove home. It took about 40 minutes and we were shattered so did nothing when we got home but go straight to bed as we were tired!

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