Tuesday 10th May

We were going to go to Typhoon Lagoon today but we were slacking, as usual! We were contemplating for ages between going to TL and just going in the pool, and in the end we just got in the pool.

Flattering, I know!

We stayed in for a good half hour, which isn’t too bad for us! Then we got out and ready to head straight to Universal. We arrived there at about 12 or 1pm, heading into Universal Studios first, stopping for some pictures next to the globe as we hadn’t had any yet.

Gru’s house!

We headed straight into Minions as it was only showing a wait of 30 minutes and we knew we wouldn’t see it that low again! Unfortunately, once we got into Gru’s house it broke down, so it ended up being much longer. Luckily the man working the ride got on the tannoy systems and talked us round each item in Gru’s house, giving us fun facts and trivia. So the breakdown wasn’t so boring.

The ride didn’t change our opinion much, we don’t think too much of it. The problem mainly, is the queue. If you could just walk straight on in 10 minutes then it would be an amazing ride. The problem is the immense queuing for something which is quite frankly, not worth it at all. It does look cool though.

When we came out we went to Transformers. It had a 25 minute queue so we just got in the single rider queue. No one was in it, so we walked straight onto the first two cars! Then we waited for eachother in the gift shop at the end. Think I was off first.

We started down the streets towards the Mummy and realised how hungry we were. For the past three years of going to Orlando with Liam, every year he’s gone on and on about the Irish pub in Universal, saying how amazing it is. I suggested we go there so he’d stop going on about it! I was a bit worried as we only wanted a drink each and a starter to share so didn’t want the staff to be angry about wasting time on us! Liam said he thought it would be ok.

We were given free bread when we arrived. I quite liked it but it did taste like cake! It came with some kindof jam spread too. Liam said he thought it was like a Victoria Sponge!

I ordered a chocolate cherry milkshake and Liam had a coke. To share, we had the potato and onion basket from the starter menu. It was ok, but not great. It was mostly potato and not much onion, and I think it would have been better with more onion – it had all gone to the bottom. The bill with tip came to about $18, so we just left a $20 and went.

Next we headed onto the Mummy. First we asked them if they’d do a tour and they checked for us, but they couldn’t, nooo! Oh well. We went on the ride twice, both times in the normal queue (which is unusual for us!) as it only had a 5 minute wait. We just walked straight on!

Bypassing Diagon Alley, we had a look round the London façade. We queued for the phone box to dial the Ministry and took lots of pictures.

After that we went round to the Simpsons, which had a 20 minute queue. The problem was though, we were directed up to one of the upstairs queues that goes round the front of the building and were in the baking sun with no shade. Liam kept saying we should leave but we needed to do it. It was awful though, I had to just sit on the floor baking in the end.

After the Simpsons we went back round to Men in Black. We asked for the Tour here too, and they couldn’t do it either. We only went on the ride once, through the single rider queue. The normal queue had been 25 minutes. We didn’t enjoy it much, we were on the left hand track (as you walk down the stairs) and Liam reckons it’s nowhere near as good because there’s less to shoot.

We went back round to Diagon Alley then. We didn’t have the wand today so couldn’t play but we did grab an ice cream! We sat on the steps next to Gringotts and had a relax. Later, we went into the money exchange shop to harass the Goblin – we’d never seen him before! We had an hour to go until closing now as they were both shutting at 7pm tonight, super early, so we got on the Hogwarts Express over to Islands of Adventure.

At some point we also took some photos with Jaws!

We got there at 6.40pm and Liam went straight onto Dragon Challenge. He did it twice whilst I just mooched around the shops and sat on a bench. My tummy was full and I didn’t want to do it on a full stomach, it’s hurty enough at the best of times! He came to meet me and we wandered through to the Jurassic Park section. Again, Liam went on River Adventure alone, but this time because I didn’t want to chance getting wet! I went and grabbed a bottle of coke and then took the GoPro to the bottom of the ride and filmed every car until Liam eventually came down!

We ran ran ran down to Marvel next and got on Spiderman with 5 minutes to spare! We walked round the normal queue and being so late we just got straight on. When we came out there were tons of people going to some kindof conference which must be why the park had closed early. They had a massive part of the Hard Rock Café roped off.

Because Universal had closed so early we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. We had a good look round the shops. We went into some of the art shops first and Liam brought a comic book artwork for $25. They kept it in the shop for him until we left the place, so bag free we went into Disney Quest for half an hour. We didn’t do too much, just played on some of the machines.

After that we went to the opposite end of Downtown Disney, and it was really uncomfortably busy. There were just people everywhere, especially slow people, and me and Liam were just darting through everyone. Again, we looked in the Lego shop and Liam still wanted the Millennium Falcon, but he never got it! We then went to the World of Disney to pick up this year’s photo frame.

Unfortunately right next to the photo frames some kid had been sick. There was a ring of about 7 cast members with their back to it holding their arms together so no one walked through. It was just disgusting, and led to me ranting… I mean it was pretty late at night now, at least 10pm. Why is there a child out and about, puking on the Disney Store?

Anyway, we brought an Adventureland themed frame and I got a couple of antenna toppers – the Mickey Premium Bar and a Grim Grinning Ghost’s one that glows! Liam went off for a bit as he thought of something he wanted to get me for my birthday. We were going to try and eat at either T-Rex or Rainforest after this, but we were tired and didn’t want to spend the money, as well as being stuff from all we’d eaten throughout the day.

So instead we headed into the Lava Lounge at Rainforest. It’s attached to the café so we asked for a table for two and we each had a really nice drink. I had a nice fresh strawberry lemonade and Liam had a really fruity drink which tasted very alcoholic, which was a bit worrying! We ordered some nachos to share, they were huge! It just nicely filled us up, and it was a really nice, relaxed, memorable evening. The only downside is the lounge is on the water front so we were surrounded by flies!

The woman who served us was really nice. The total bill with tip was $32, which wasn’t too bad. We had to wait for change again which was super awkward, as usual. But of course we left a tip behind once she brought the change out. On the way out of the park we picked up Liam’s artwork. We left at about 10.30pm, and stopped at Walmart on the way home for some bits and pieces. We’d stayed out later than I wanted to, considering tomorrow was my birthday and we’d have to be up super early!!

Carry onto Day 12…

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