Monday 9th May

Now it’s the part of the holiday where we start slacking! We woke up late because we’d been up so late.

The next day, we also remembered a few amazing details about the After Hours Event. When we rode Haunted Masion, there was a really creepy cast member working. When the doors opening, he came out and just walked towards everyone staring ahead. He was just shuffling about. He stood in the door perfectly still, as everyone walked in past him. When we got into the stretching room, he stood, next to the entrance rather than the exit door and still carried on starying into the distance. In his dark uniform he was a dark silhouette blending into the wall. I kept thinking oh, he’s going to scare someone when the lights go out! Off they went, and then, once they came back, I looked around but I couldn’t see him anywhere. He was gone! Everyone was looking around for him and finally, someone spotted him! He’d moved one panel over, and instead of staring into the distance, he now had his back to us. He was staring at the wall, rocking back and forth, perfectly silhouetted. He stayed there perfectly still and saying nothing as we all filed out! Great Cast Member!

Anyway! Back to the present. Because we hadn’t gotten to bed until 4am, we needed to sleep in, so I didn’t set an alarm. I woke up a few times, once time being at 8.30am. I was a complete zombie, I could barely move. I felt drunk and weighed down! I just got back in bed and went straight to sleep. When I did finally wake up it was about 10am, and I got Liam up at 10.30am.

We mooched around and had a lazy morning. We didn’t really know what we were going to do today as we’d originally supposed to be going to a water park. We decided to just stay nearby, go to Animal Kingdom, and we already had planned to go back to Hollywood Studios in the evening to hopefully watch the Star Wars Fireworks whilst it wasn’t raining! On the way to HS we drove down to Target for a good look around, I brought a couple of make up bits.

Trip Report Day 10

Trip Report Day 10When we left there we went to IHOP. I had used the wifi in Target to find the nearest one, and this is the first time we realised the 192 is actually the Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway – a road name we’d heard loads but never really knew what it was! We had a really lovely brunch. It cost us $32 with tip, I had the country omelette with 3 confetti cupcake pancakes. They were a special bakery theme promotion and they were tasty! The country omelette had hash browns inside, with cheese and ham and sour cream on the side, it was amazing. Liam had the crepes combo, Nuttella and banana crepes with a combo breakfast meal, he swapped the eggs for toast so he had bacon, toast and hash browns. He made some bacon sandwiches. We both had a small orange juice each, too.

When we were left we decided there’s two kinds of full you can be. One where you’re full, and you’re still eating and you’re stuffed but you don’t want to leave food on your plate and it feels horrible and you’re wondering why you’re doing it to yourself. The one type of full is where you realise you’re stuffed once you’ve already finished eating, and then you’re in agony. Once we got in the car we realised we were this second type of stuffed!

We got in the car and left, having 4 driving calamities in a row. We tried to get out of the car park first, and got trapped. Once we finally got out onto the actual road, for the first time ever we made a misjudgement and very nearly headed down the wrong side of the road. Luckily Liam was able to swerve at the last minute. Lastly, Liam crossed a red light as he wasn’t paying attention. Once we did get onto Disney property, he accidentally took us to MK instead of AK!!!

I’m surprised we didn’t have a hideous accident on this day. Once we got to AK we got on the tram and it was fun for a change! We didn’t have to wait long for it to leave but we had to wait to get into the station as another tram was still there – the driver made it super fun by doing a Disney themed quiz for us. Once we did finally get into the park, AK was a least recommended park but it was really quiet. We basically walked on everything. I’d also booked us 3 Fps, Dinosaur, Everest and the river rapids.

Trip Report Day 10

Trip Report Day 10We got to Dinosaur nearly at the end of our slot and headed on in. We tried to hang round at the back so we’d get a car to ourself again but it didn’t work this time as it was too busy and they were using two pre-show rooms. Afterwards, we went straight across to Everest and did our FP together, and then Liam went in the single rider queue whilst I looked around the shop. I ended up buying a cool purple t-shirt with the Yeti on! I thought it would be a good idea to watch Flights of Wonder as I couldn’t remember the last time I saw it, so we headed there for the 3.45 show.

We arrived just a couple of minutes before it started and sat on the tiered metal seating at the back as it was already kindof busy. It was a really bad place to sit, and so annoying. You couldn’t concentrate on the show because they were constantly letting people in and out. Even halfway through the show people were still coming in. I know it’s Disney but they need to put a policy in place that if you are over 10 minutes late for a show they shut the doors. I really have no idea what happened during the show, as it was all I could concentrate on. On top of that we had some very annoying children near us. They kept heckling, smashing their feet on the metal, and climbing them. There was a child of about 4 or 5 who kept climbing the metal seats, the attendant kept asking her not to but everytime she turned around, she started climbing again. Eventually, the inevitable happened, she was climbing around and you just heard BUMP BUMP. She’d hit the back of her head on the metal, it must have really hurt. The woman just kindof grimaced and smirked and shook her head.

The child started screaming and the family had to leave. Unfortunately they came back later and they had another annoying child that kept running around behind us. Anyway, aside from all this bother, it was an awful show, that hasn’t been changed in about ten years. Don’t go and watch it, it’s a complete waste of time. Unless you haven’t seen it before, in which case sit in the front or middle. It was around half an hour long.

Trip Report Day 10

After, we went back to Everest, on the way stopping at the monkeys. They were running after eachother and shrieking! The lady told us they are separated from their parents as that’s what it’s like in the wild, but we’re a bit sceptical. Sounds like a Sea World fact.

Everest was now only a ten minute wait, so we queued together and went on. I waited in the shop again whilst Liam did single rider for a second time. After that, we went on together again!

Now it was time for our final FP which was Kali River Rapids, so we went to that. On this ride there used to be a plastic thing in the middle to put your belongings in and shield them from the wet. But they’ve gotten rid of them – so we had to shove all our valuables into the Disney bag with the tshirt I’d brought earlier, and luckily they stayed ok. Half of me got soaked though! We seemed to be on all the splashy bits.


When we got off, we noticed they’d put in a couple of squirting guns at the end so we had a go on them, but they’re not nearly as good as the ones at Universal. They are free though. It was now 5pm and so we headed out of the park, getting home at quarter to 6. We just relaxed for a bit and Liam ate some beans on toast haha, I had some ice cream and we put on some forensics files.

At 7pm, we all got in one car and left for HS. My dad, as usual, drove like a crazy maniac. When we got there we were parked near the front, one row back from the preferred parking. Me and Liam were all geared up to just walk in and I even said to them, we’re not getting on the tram! A tram turned up and my dad said, we may aswell get on! So they got on it and Liam and I proceeded to walk. When we got to the entrance, we looked back, and the tram they’d gotten on hadn’t moved haha. They said later once they’d gotten on it was like a stand off as they didn’t want to get off and walk and it pass them lol!

Liam and I headed into the Star Wars shopping opposite Villians in Vogue and he went in to get me secret birthday things. I sat outside, and he took ages. When he did come out, we went to Rock n Roller first to do the single rider queue, as we had Tower of Terror fastpassed. Because we’d already done 3 today, we could now only book one at a time. In the RnR single rider queue we got on super quickly, as always. When I got to the front there was a woman standing at the side of the queue and I wondered if she was waiting for someone. As it turns out, she was queueing for the back! This was the first time we realised you could actually queue for the back.

I was put next to her as she was alone, and it was my first time on the back row. It was really weird as you could see the whole of the car infront of you! The lady who had queued to sit here must really like it, as she sang the whole way round to everything. It was quite funny! I met up with Liam at the end , and we went on Tower of Terror next. After that, I needed some dinner!


I went to Fairfax Fair and got the Fairfax Salad. I would 100% recommend this to everyone. It was the best meal I had at the parks. It was a wedge of lettuce and on top of that was pulled pork, cheese, jalapeno rand dressing, salsa, sweetcorn, and all kindof Mexican dressing. EVERYONE should try this. It was phenomenal. It was only $8.95. To go with it, I also had the seasonl cupcake for $5.59 and the flavour was Pink Lemonade, which is my favourite! I really liked it. It was a great meal all around. Whilst we’d sat eating, I booked us a FP for RnR in 5 minutes time. It was weird because there was still people filing into the normal Fantasmic queue, but there were Fps left for that too.


It was now getting very close to the fireworks, so after RnR we rushed over to Star Tours. It was 9.10pm and I was worried we’d miss the fireworks at 9.45pm so we only did it once. Then we rushed back over to the main street and were there for 9.30pm. My parents had managed to get a table and chairs outside Starbucks, but we didn’t want to sit so we had a little look around the shops and went and stood on the street at 9.35pm. We played a bit of Heads Up to pass the time and then watched the amazing fireworks. We think they’re the best at Disney!

The whole time though, I was looking at my watch! Because they started at 9.45pm and the park closed at 10, I was wondering it we’d get a ride on ToT afterwards. They finished at 9.51pm, so I looked over at Liam and said “If we run we can get on ToT!” He looked like his dreams had come true. We couldn’t get across to my parents so I text them to tell them where we were going. When we got to ToT we ran through into the preshow room – the lady said to us all “Is this anyone’s first time?” “No.” “Do any of you actually want to watch the film?” “No.” So she let us run straight through! Because an awkward amount of people came in, we went to the right and she put us in a car, only filling the front row. It was a really good ride! It seemed to hold us for ages, we went up first, right from all the way at the bottom to the top, and it did that twice.


By the time we got off it was 10.04pm and we walked back down to see my parents at Starbucks. My mom said we should have our picture taken, so we got one taken on the way out. Liam picked up his package at the front of the park, and we walked back to the car. There was a gigantic queue of people waiting to get out of the parking lot, so my dad just drove down one of the later lanes and got to the front. Then he drove home like a maniac, and we were all scared. I said, whoever thinks he drive like an angry person but your hands up! Me and my mom did but Liam was too scared, lol!

Read on for Day 11!

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