My Wednesday Vlog is live! And this week I’m talking about my Most Memorable Moments from our travels across North America! It’s been a little over a year now since we came back, so it was great to reflect on the amazing things we experienced. I’d love to hear any memories you have from your travels – make sure to comment either here or over on YouTube!

If you don’t fancy having a watch right now, you can have a look below at some of my memories:

Most Memorable Moments: Travelling North America
  • Toronto

Toronto was our first stop and everything was scary and new! Overall our memories here are so general, just the actual act of being in Canada! The place is so safe, and the people so friendly. I loved the Eaton Centre so much and we had an absolutely stand out day on Toronto Island.

  • Florida

We headed to the beach at Florida, stopping in a place called Rotonda West near Englewood Beach. On one of our first days, we headed to the beach and watched the sun set.

  • New Orleans

New Orleans unfortunately ended up being our worst nightmare due to my unusual lack of research. But we were happy to be introduced to the wonderful world of Che’zee – a busking couple who travel the US. They now live in New Orleans. Honestly, I feel seeing them changed my life, and for this reason I really urge you to check out the video! I included a full minute of their set.

  • Albuquerque

A little off the beaten track for most but we had a great experience on the Breaking Bad Tour with the ABQ Trolley Co. They were so friendly and funny, I really recommend the tour for fans of the show.

  • Las Vegas

Oh gosh, what can you say about Vegas?! We had a fantastic first evening – after telling ourselves we’d explore the sights of the strip we ended up stopping at many a Fat Tuesdays to refill our beverages – in the end we were drunk, and lost in the Venetian hotel!

  • San Francisco

Something to tick of the bucket list – we walked the length of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a fantastically memorable experience. To top our week off we headed to the Walt Disney Family Museum, eating a picnic outside on the grass, we attracted a ton of tiny little birds – it was like a magical scene from Mary Poppins.

  • New York

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is phenomenal and moving – please do go and pay your tributes. We had a fantastic spontaneous evening in Times Square, too, sitting alongside thousands of people and watching the Tony Awards streamed on the big screen!

  • Washington DC

One of my all time favourite evenings – we walked through the Smithsonian Museums and down past the National Mall – walking the length of the Reflection Pool before stopping to see Abe as the sun set. On our way home, thousands of tiny glow flies lit our trail.

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