Toronto is a city with everything you could want – and a side of poutine, to accompany it!


We knew nothing, and had no expectations, going into our time in Canada, and Toronto was our first stop. Bleary eyed we made our way to our first ever Airbnb on Bleeker Street, and never looked back.

All the Time in the World

Having both left jobs to come travelling, we now had all the time in the world! We were able to plan days out across the city, and were lucky enough to take in some of the most iconic sights.

Toronto Eaton Centre

Poutine is sortof the national dish of Canada! It’s chips smothered with gravy and cheese curds, though they offer different takes on it – including these veggie poutine fries.

We absolutely loved the Eaton Centre – with its underground food court and huge array of shops – we only wished we had more money to spend there. The sprawling bottom floor, dedicated solely to food, offered up concoctions from all over the world, but we stayed a little closer to home, sampling the awesome poutine.

A Million Miles Away

Toronto Island Map

The Toronto Island was one of the best days out we’ve ever been on. Despite it being April, the sun came out for us, and we both ended the day with sun burns! We caught the Metro system down to the main rail terminal, Union, and then walked across to the cities port, where we caught a ferry which took us somewhere that felt like a million miles away.

The Island is a neighbourhood surrounded by sprawling beaches, trails galore and a central river running straight through. The inhabitants have access to their own facilities, including a school, leisure centre and more. We couldn’t recommend this more as a must do.

Words won’t do it Justice

Where am I talking about? Loblaws, of course. Though a supermarket might sound like an unlikely tourist attraction, this place is known far and wide.

Seeing is believing, my friend, and the place is huge, with all kinds of fresh fruit and veg, meat, fish… there’s a WALL OF CHEESE for god sake!

Just go there, please.

Gems of Information


When I think back throughout my life, there are certain gems of information that gleam brightly amongst the fuzziness. One of these was meeting a Canadian man in the Eaton Centre – as I was ordering a drink, he heard our accent and stopped to talk to us. He asked us where we were from, and as usual my guarded response was ‘near Birmingham’ as I knew many foreigners would not know where that was. But it turned out his brother went to university there, so as we began talking, he knew all about the Midlands! Giving us some final advice, he told us to visit the Distillery District, and went on his way. Once he left, we found ourselves glowing, so pleased that somebody had given us the time of day in an unknown country.

And this really does sum up the people of Canada, as a whole.



It’s now one of my favourite places, and somewhere I long to go back to one day. It’s the perfect city – sprawling and immense, but just compact enough whilst never feeling over crowded.

I get the feeling it’s a city I could happily live in, unlike London, which whenever I visit the sheer amount of people puts me off instantly!

If there’s one place you visit on the East Coast of Canada, make it Toronto.