It that’s time of year again – Dry January. And whilst I’m not taking part (I don’t need to, I never drink anyway!) I did go on a rather sober night out before Christmas. So for a bit of fun, here’s a list post I frantically scrambled into my phone when I should have been pretending to enjoy myself on the dancefloor!

  • Oooh, look at the way the crowd sways together!
  • Every social stereotype is present in this room
  • Wow, old people really like clubbing

    • Why is this guy so close to me?
    • Why does everyone insist on hip bumping me as a form of dancing?
    • Why won’t that guy leave those uninterested girls alone?

    • What if my lipstick falls out of my bag?
    • Strobe lights hurt
    • That woman’s butt is literally hanging out

    • All my friends are wasted
    • I’m tired
    • Why am I not at home watching Parks and Rec?

    • Look at that cute couple who’ve been slow dancing all night
    • They’ve turned the lights on, can we please leave now?
    • Forget McDonalds, I want to take my shoes off and go to bed.


So if you’re taking part in Dry January this year for a worthy cause, I’m sure you can relate to more than a couple of these! Good luck!


Are you taking part in Dry January this year? Let me know how it’s going in the comments!

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