Yep, I’m lonely. I’m not afraid to admit it. I’d hasten to guess if you’re a blogger reading this – you are somewhat too? So why aren’t we connecting in real life? Here are some thoughts on loneliness.

Sitting on the periphery, I’ve watched people I’ve met online interact, get to know each other and forge friendships and I often wonder why can’t I be part of that? Why do I not seem to be able to relate to people?

I know countless bloggers who live in my region – some even in my own town. We go to the same places, know the ins and outs of our neighbourhoods, but we can’t spare an afternoon to meet somebody who could potentially become a friend for life.

Just days ago I saw a Tweet  – a simple request from a blogger looking for another in their area for sleepovers and bottomless brunches, and in a world where that kind of sentiment can get thousands upon thousands of like, countless retweets but only a handful of replies – I have to assume loneliness is a problem for the community as a whole. Not just me.

But what’s so scary about taking an online friendship offline? I’ve been the same person for as long as I can remember – when I say I’m going somewhere, or doing something, I mean it. But I guess it’s the ‘saying’ that’s the problem. We’re scared, quite frankly.

Scared of what? Well, scared of looking weird, for a start. In our corner of the internet, we’re all equally as lonely and craving of real life interaction but, crucially, we’re all far too scared of being the weird one, of sticking out like a sore thumb, of making the first move, of reaching out. What if I ask and they say they’re busy? Or just flat out no?

What’s to lose though? We’re lonely, anyway. Trying to make that not so, won’t make it any worse. So I guess what I’m saying is – why are we all staying in our comfortable silos? Let’s banish loneliness! I’m going to make it my mission to meet as many bloggers as possible and forge as many friendships as I can – so don’t think me weird when I ask you to a lunch date.

I’m done being lonely.


Seriously, you can comment below and invite me on a bottomless brunch and I won’t think you’re strange! Promise.

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