10 Things I Haven't Done at Disney World

Lizi recently posted on her blog about ten things she still hasn’t done at Disneyland Paris. It got me thinking, I could probably fill a book with all the things I haven’t done in Paris but I’m sure there’s still the odd thing I haven’t done at Walt Disney World…

Having visited eight times now, I’m a bit of a veteran park goer. I quite pride myself on knowing nearly every nook and cranny of the place, and helping other people with the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over my visits. So I grabbed a park map and thought long and hard about what I’m saving for my next trip!

  1. Be the first person on Main St

I have never been the first person on Main St, though I’ve dreamt of it. I’m pretty sure I’ve been very nearly the last person though. I am far too lazy to get up early in the morning, and even when we had a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest BEFORE the park opened, we were still about the twentieth in the park. Perhaps next trip I can fix this with a wedding photoshoot…

  1. Watched the American Adventure at Epcot’s America pavilion

Okay, it might be awful, but I’ve never seen it and I want to! I didn’t even know it existed until the last couple of weeks of our 2015 trip. We were there for 7 weeks and WE STILL DIDN’T DO IT! We kept saying we’ll do that next time we go to Epcot, and it never happened. On the last day we vowed we’d do it first thing in 2016. Still never did it. Roll on 2018 for some ultra-patriotism.

  1. Drank a Glowtini

I love as good cocktail but I’ve never had a Glowtini. I’m not entirely sure of the range of restaurants you can get these in, but I know they do them in the 50s Prime-Time Diner. We once walked in the Tune-In Lounge with the idea of getting a drink and some respite from the heat, but it was so busy it just wasn’t to be. Perhaps I’ll have one on my next trip!

  1. Gotten a Fastpass+ for Fantasmic

Sounds weird, but I’ve never fastpassed Fantasmic. It’s such a long running show and I’ve seen it so many times throughout my life that it’s normally just a last minute decision to go and watch it. Even with a Fastpass you have to go into the arena ridiculously early, and I’d prefer to spend my time on Tower of Terror whilst its quiet! Plus, if you’re last in you’re first out.

  1. Ridden TriceraTop Spin

What even is this? I try and stay clear of fairground style rides in theme parks – they always seriously let the aesthetic down. I mean come on, Disney, you can do better than this! The furthest I’ve ever made it is onto Primeval Whirl, and only with Liam’s coaxing.

  1. Stayed on-site

I have never stayed on-site in a Disney hotel. I’ve always stayed in hotels and suites on International Drive, or in villas. For us, the cost is too great. We hire a car, so we have no need to stay on-site and we like to get a suite if there’s just the two of us so we can handle our own packed lunches and save a little more! Next time, we’ll be travelling for our honeymoon, so we’re definitely going to be pushing the boat out – we’ve got our eyes on Saratoga Springs!

  1. Watched the Magic Kingdom opening ceremony

I’m lazy, and I don’t like getting up. Hence never seeing the opening ceremony! Twice in my life I’ve turned up at the gates right at the end. Dang. I have heard they’ve just changed it, so perhaps it’s not quite as good anymore? Either way, I’ll definitely be doing Magic Kingdom first thing on our honeymoon, and staying on-site might give me that much needed boost to make it out in time for rope drop.

  1. Hired a boat from a Disney hotel

Every time we visit a Disney hotel we say we’ll come back and hire a boat for an hour or two. Every time we don’t go back. Liam did this when he was younger at Disney Springs and always talks about how fun it was, so I do want to do it. It’s just finding the time. And cash.

  1. Played mini golf at Winter Summerland or Fantasia Gardens

I have never played mini golf on Disney property. I love mini golf, and I’ve been to quite a few on International Drive, and even played both courses at City Walk, but I’ve never played a round of Disney mini golf. We turned up in 2015 to try and play a game but we didn’t do our research and it turned out we couldn’t get in for free with annual passes. Maybe I’ll do it one day, but I wouldn’t want to waste time I could be spending in the parks.

  1. Been to a ‘party’ at the Magic Kingdom

I’ve never been to a party night at the Magic Kingdom – they’re held during Halloween and Christmas. I will most definitely be correcting this on my next visit as we should be there during September/October and I want to make up for lost time – hopefully I’ll be able to visit Mickey’s Not So Scary Party a couple of times. We did do the After Hours Event in 2016 though, and that was amazing.

Is there anything you’re desperate to do at Walt Disney World?

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