Recently, Sophie Jo has been giving me major writer’s envy. Over on her social media channels she’s been sharing the most creative poems inspired by something that’s a favourite of both of ours – Disney! I thought I’d put my poet’s hat on and give it a go…

“There’s no place like home” is something I know well,

Taking it all in as hearts pound and tears swell.

But my homes far away and I don’t get to visit much,

It’s just the pictures in my mind that help me stay in touch.

I remember screaming as a young one at the Haunted Mansion’s door,

Clamped shut eyes and panic, not knowing what’s in store.

Fast forward to a teen and I want to run and hide,

So the People Mover is my spot for a solo ride.

And then when I got older, Splash Mountain felt like home,

Soaring to the bottom I don’t want to be alone!

And if I need a little snooze, I know just where to go,

It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s one long comfy show,

The Carousel of Progress taught me not to be so glum,

Whoever thought that it could be so fun?

And I have a favourite spot to make a wish at night,

As fireworks are soaring and my eyes are gleaming bright.

Let’s run for one last ride and blast through outer space,

But soon it’s time to leave so I have to pack my case.

Sometimes life ain’t fair, and I don’t get to go back home.

But it’s in my dreamers head so I don’t feel so alone.

And when I don’t know where to go it’s to my head that I retreat,

To brer rabbits, bears and toads and my bum in a wet seat.


Can  I sob now please?


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