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I have always wanted to make my own perfume. Year after year you get the inevitable task on the Apprentice, and year after year I’m sat knowing I could do it better! Luckily for me, I was given the opportunity courtesy of the Perfume Studio at #BloggerHalloweenParty.


Ben was the representative from the company, and he talked us through their philosophy as well as the process. They make it affordable and accessible for the average Joe (my wording, not theirs!) to create their own fragrance, for no more than the cost of a standard bottle of perfume.

In simple terms, he talked us through the process of creating a unique fragrance – he likened it to creating music, you need high, mid and low tones that blend together to create something magnificent. And he assured us that you don’t simply sniff as hard as you can at a perfume, it’s more like taking in a fine wine. Ben showed us the correct technique for taking in every different note we might pick.


We got going on our perfumes. From a huge range of distinct smells we had to whittle it down to create something to our taste. I started with the Citrus as my top, followed by the Ozonic as my middle and finally Balsamic as my low, or base. I always thought I liked fruity tones but I seemed to reject all of those to get to my final flavour! Honestly, without tooting my own horn, I really thought it smelt amazing. And I put a lot of effort into sniffing EVERYTHING to get it just right for me.

Finally, Ben took our details and whipped up a taster of our scent for us to take away. We also had to name them – this may well have been my favourite part as I somehow came up with the cleverest pun ever. Amy, who was also making her perfume, mentioned that she wanted something to match her blog name. Well come on, my blog name is pretty floral anyway so I seized onto the idea and went with ‘Fleurty’. How clever am I?!


I am so happy to have finally been able to do this. I can’t wait to wear Fleurty out and about. The Perfume Studio are nationwide, and I would fully recommend them. They can come out and do Corporate Workshops (Hmmm, how can I convince my boss?!) and Hen Parties, but they also have 3 bases around the UK – the newest of which being in Birmingham and opening early in 2017. As well as that, they provide gift sets so you can create perfume to your hearts content at home – for £95 you can take home the largest collection they do with all of their key scents.

Have you ever made your own fragrance? Have you ever wanted to, like me?

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I received free samples from the Perfume Studio, however, all opinions are my own.