the Magic of Christmas

Today I’ll be sharing a guest post with you by my sister (and actual writer), Emma Finlayson-Palmer. She’s written all about her Christmas mornings now she has children.

the Magic of Christmas

As an adult, Christmas wasn’t exciting anymore, as I worked until late on Christmas Eve, then again on Boxing Day. Then my children entered my life, and all that changed. I discovered the real magic of Christmas, the shared excitement of Christmas when you’re young enough to believe in magic and endless possibilities.

the Magic of Christmas

We usually start the day with the kids begging to go downstairs, and me trying to persuade them to stay in bed until at least 6! The race is then on to get downstairs to see if Santa has been and what he has brought for them. They like to check if he’s eaten his biscuit and drunk the milk left out for him to.

the Magic of Christmas

The children are as excited about what each other has got as they are about their own presents. So they like to take turns and each open a present at a time, so they can all enjoy the excitement of discovering what they’ve all received from the man in the red suit.

the Magic of Christmas

Christmas morning is always a chaotic affair in the Finlayson-Palmer household, but it’s one of my favourite times of the year. A morning of family time, filled with the magic of Christmas.


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