Whilst I’m 100% happy with my choice to have such a small wedding, there have been some traditional aspects of a wedding I’ve had to miss out on and one of them was having a bridesmaid.

For this exact reason, myself and my bestie have been cooking up some sensational holiday plans for the past year and finally we booked up a flight to California for my ‘almost’ hen do!

The team over at Last Night of Freedom, however, have some awesome advice for whether you plan to hen do abroad, like me, or here in the UK…

Going Abroad on a Hen Do

You don’t need us to tell you that the Great British weather is unpredictable at best, which is one of the biggest reasons why people head abroad to celebrate. Although it’s not 100% guaranteed, it’s more likely that the likes of Marbella, Ibiza and Madrid will be scorchers on your weekend – factor 50 at the ready…It’s safe to say that travelling abroad for your last night of freedom creates a more memorable experience, if not purely because it’s something completely different from any night out you’ll have had back at home. Plus, the whole idea of packing your suitcase, getting on a plane and using foreign currency gives you more of a ‘holiday’ feel.

Although the initial cost of travelling to any abroad location may be more than it would cost to travel within the UK, we have found booking in groups can leave you pleasantly surprised at the cost of nightlife abroad. The likes of Riga, Prague, Budapest and Benidorm come out on top as cheapest locations, with pints often costing the equivalent of less than a pound. That’s a firm yes in our book.

Abroad locations, especially in Eastern Europe, are well-known for their ‘loose’ attitude towards the rules. You’ll get away with loads more over there than you would in the UK, which is perfect for a mischievous weekend!

There’s also a sense of anonymity that comes with getting away from your home turf; we’ve all heard the phrase ‘what goes on tour, stays on tour’, meaning that all your silly hen party ideas won’t be brought up again, once you’ve landed back at home. Well, apart from that speech at the wedding…

Staying at Home on a Hen Do

Staying within the UK on your hen may seem less adventurous, but there are many positives to be considered. Probably the biggest is that more people who are invited will be able to make it. Often committing to an abroad do involves confirming dates well in advance, sorting passport renewals, childcare cover, time off work, travel insurance etc, which can all add up to mean there are many last minute drop outs.

It’s also, most of the time, cheaper to stay in the UK, as you won’t have to fork out for flights and you’re more likely to stay for less nights, rather than making a proper holiday of it and staying abroad for at least the weekend.

Staying within the UK is more familiar, too, with your own currency and people who speak your own language – unless you’re travelling to Newcastle, of course, where you’ll need to hire a Geordie translator.

Whether you jet off on your last night of freedom, or decide to stay put and enjoy a wild one in the UK, you can gather some advice, tips and inspiration by visiting Last Night Of Freedoms site.

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