The Happiness Tag

What started as a guest post for Lauren, at What Lauren Did Today, has quickly turned into an exercise in feeling good and being thankful for everything and everyone around me.

The Happiness Tag

I was doing some planning for my blog when I started having a look around the internet to find some inspiration, and I stumbled upon the 50 Things That Make Me Happy tag – ok, I wasn’t tagged BUT Paula at Thirteen Thoughts tagged everyone who read her take on it. And since I read it, I’ll happily take that as a tag and roll with the positivity!

I have to admit, I can be a negative nelly at times (ok, most of the time) so it took me a while and seemed fairly impossible to think of 50 whole things. But I’m happy I put some effort into thinking all about the little things in my life that I sometimes forget about.

So without further ado, I invite you into my little bubble of happiness…

  1. Bringing the duvet downstairs to watch a film on the sofa
  2. Any kind of dip and nachos
  3. Putting my scarf, hat and gloves on for a late night winter walk with Liam
  4. The first morning of a holiday
  5. Unexpected compliments
  6. Zumba
  7. Discovering new songs
  8. Sales in Primark
  9. Mashed Potatoes
  10. Putting on my dressing gown
  11. Friday night
  12. Leaving comments on new blogs
  13. Having a busy Saturday, but no plans on Sunday
  14. Liam
  15. Topping our own pizzas together in the kitchen and being silly
  16. Walt Disney World
  17. Ice cream sundaes
  18. When Liam suggests we eat junk food (very rare and for this reason, incredibly special)
  19. Binge watching TV with Liam (also something he very rarely lets us do!)
  20. Meeting new friends (but also, scary!)
  21. Having the TV on in the background while I cook, when home alone
  22. Getting in bed at 9pm
  23. Being warm
  24. Planning holidays
  25. The final few hours of work before a day or several off
  26. Writing
  27. Coming up with photoshoot ideas
  28. My phone (but I never forget about this one)
  29. Having no plans at all for a whole weekend once in a while
  30. When all my blog posts are scheduled two weeks in advance
  31. Video editing – when it all goes right
  32. Stepping out of the airport and into the smell and heat of Orlando
  33. Christmas
  34. Somehow getting up early on the weekend and feeling like I accomplished so much in the day
  35. Putting a new outfit together
  36. My Mickey Mouse backpack
  37. Visiting my family
  38. Train journeys
  39. Alone time (in moderation!)
  40. Walking
  41. When my cupcakes and cakes turn out well
  42. Buying a dress online and it fitting perfectly when it arrives
  43. Heading home straight from work rather than going to the gym
  44. Feeling accomplished and strong when I have been to the gym!
  45. Getting post
  46. Turning my morning alarm off the night before a day off
  47. My Nikon 1
  48. Twitter notifications
  49. Planning meals at the start of a work week for the following weekend
  50. People reading my blog

So what do you think? Did you agree with any of them? I’d love to hear all about the little things that put a smile on your face in the comments!

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