We are big Orlando enthusiasts and as part of our travels across America we stayed on International Drive for nearly 7 weeks. As we had so much time (and a pair of Annual Passes we’ll probably never have again!) on one of the days we decided to visit all 4 Disney parks in one day, using Disney transportation.

4 Theme Parks, 3 Modes of Transportation, 2 People, 1 Day

We arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Centre for around 8.30am, parked up and got straight on a monorail to Epcot. Here My ride photo of Test Track at Epcotwe headed to Soarin’ first as it would have the biggest queue and then onto Test Track where we used the single rider line. As our aim was to ride atleast 3 rides in each park we also went on Spaceship Earth and stopped off at Club Cool for some refreshing Beverley.

We booked our Fastpasses in advance for our second park of the day – a strategic plan as there didn’t seem much point booking FP for the first park we’d arrive at for opening so it would be quiet anyway. We took the Friendship Boat from Epcot to Hollywood Studios. Here we used a FP for Star Tours between 12 and 1pm. As we were there early we had a wait to our next ride so we watched Muppetvision 3D which we’ve seen a million times over.

We then rode Tower of Terror between 1:05pm and 2:05pm which took forever as it was down to one elevator due to a breakdown! It was probably one of the worst experiences of my life being stuck outside in the queue surrounded by hundreds of people in the humid Floridian heat of July. We had some home made lunch and then rode Rock n Rollercoaster at between 2:25pm and 3:25pm.

It was cloudy skies above and starting to drizzle as we made our way to the park exit. Luckily we had some time to grab some pictures with the Anna and Elsa topiaries that were outside for Frozen Summer Fun and then we just managed to run, run, run to the bus just before it left! Thank god for a lady in front of us taking her time or we would have been soaked waiting for the next one and wasting time during our Best Day Ever.

We hopped on a bus to Animal Kingdom just as it started raining and managed to dodge the rain on the ride over. We went straight to a FP kiosk hoping to get the biggies but being that late in the day they were all gone! We clutched at straws and booked the one remaining decent worthwhile FP for Primeval Whirl. We went straight and watched It’s Tough to be a Bug! Which was a walk on as always. We then headed to Expedition Everest and rode on the single rider queue.

A close up of our Dinosaur ride photoWe walked back over to Dinoland USA in prep for our FP but first we jumped on Dinosaur. I don’t actually remember this but I have a ride photo with this date on! Then we had our Primeval Whirl FP between 5:20pm and 6:20pm. After that we rode Everest again!! Liam’s favourite.

We then ran back to the bus station and got the bus over to Magic Kingdom for our final park. Having never ridden the bus before we were amazed to bypass the T&TC and arrive right outside the park! We celebrated with a little dance in front of the train station, yippee! Here my memory gets a bit sketchy I’m afraid!

I know we headed to the secret FP kiosk in Guest Services (It’s not secret but no one ever uses it so you don’t have to wait in the outrageous lines!). We scanned the fastpasses but there weren’t any for any of the big attractions so we decided to go straight for dinner. We had our heart set on Tortuga Tavern but it was closed for some kindof function so we ended up in Pecos Bills – I think that’s where we’d intended to go anyway but we’d gotten confused. What a salad bar – though whenever we go in we’re too embarassed to ask for an extra plate for all our toppings so we end up making a sortof plate out of napkins.

Our ride photo from Splash MountainOur feet were shot so we got on the train in Frontierland back to the main entrance and booked a FP for Haunted Mansion according to My Disney Experience. We headed straight there between 6:35pm and 7:35pm, after which we went to the nearest kiosk in Fantasyland and booked a FP for Winnie the Pooh pretty much immeadiately – 7:40pm and 8:40pm. At this point I have a void in my mind but I think we rode the Haunted Mansion again and booked a FP for Jungle Cruise between 10:30pm and 11:30pm. We also had a nice long sitdown on the Peoplemover!Our ride photo from Space Mountain

I suppose we would have settled to get in my favourite spot for Wishes (in line with Main Street Ice Cream Parlour). After the fireworks we rode Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. The park closed at midnight and we were sat outside the Ice Cream Parlour – I treated myself to a sundae for enduring the arduous day! Then we strolled out at around half past 12am desperate to get to the car but with a long treachorous monorail ride back. We were tucked up in bed between 1am and 2am and up at 8am for an early morning Harry Potter wake up call!

The Best Disney Day Ever with my favourite person

The Best Disney Day Ever with my favourite person! On a normal day in the park I force Liam to get a million castle photopass pics but this is the only one we got today – we were too exhausted for pictures!

Have you ever attempted the 4 Parks 1 Day challenge? How did it go?

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