What happens when you order a £6 Sisjuly dress from AliExpress? Never fear, you’re about to find out! I tried to do my research before purchasing but I couldn’t find a single Sisjuly review online, so I knew it was my duty to write one up when my dress arrived.

You may have noticed recently Lindy Bop have begun to sell a number of dresses inspired by the activities you might be taking part in this summer. Everything from surfing, sunbathing and waterparking has been featured on the new prints. Now I don’t know what came first – but Sisjuly are selling a lot of these exact printed fabrics on different shaped dresses. I personally prefer the interesting shapes of the Sisjuly pieces and luckily for me, whilst Lindy Bop retails them for £30+, Sisjuly is retailing at an average of £12 (but this dress is currently on sale for just £9.63!! Better yet, I purchased it when it was on sale for £6.)

From the moment my dresses were dispatched to the time of arrival, it took exactly two weeks. During that two weeks I had been constantly pouring over the Sisjuly reviews on AliExpress. On each item you can see how many people have purchased it, and if you’re lucky, a large amount of them will have reviewed the item. Many of them were in Russian, so the rudimentary browser translations don’t shed any light BUT thankfully a lot of helpful shoppers do post pictures. I spent two weeks thinking that neither of the dresses I ordered would fit.

In the past, shopping from China was a big no-no for me. They offer much smaller sizes as the equivalent of ours but I was feeling kindof brave after accidentally ordering a skirt from China last year and it by some miracle fitting when it arrived. I carefully picked through the Sisjuly size chart with a fine tooth comb, and I decided I needed to order this particular dress in a large.

When it arrived (along with another dress I’ll OOTD shortly) I was pleasantly surprised to find not only did it fit, it was actually very big around the waist. For the £6 I’d paid I was willing to overlook the fact it wasn’t exactly that true to the size guide – though in the opposite way you would expect from China! It was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a nice Hell Bunny belt to gather all of the fabric in. The only outright issue I encountered with the dress was the fact that the pink belt provided with it didn’t have any holes! You can always use a hair pin or a safety pin to secure the belt, though.

The other thing I noticed is that the top part of the dress is a different shade of pink to the bottom of the dress. This looks particularly crazy when you can see the two sections together but wearing a belt entirely covers this fact. Pairing it with black accessories I found changed the colouring of the dress entirely. The two pink colours are so similar that unless you can see them outright next to each other you wouldn’t know they were any different – look at these pictures, do you tell a difference?

When I wore the dress out I fell in love with it even more. I went for a walk round the block and I could see people’s eyes drawn to my bright summer print. In the local shop, I was complimented by the lady at the checkout – I bet she wouldn’t guess I’d paid all of £6. In fact, as I type this, I’m getting excited at the prospect of wearing it out on the coming weekend.

Though shopping from China has been a no-no for me in the past, after writing this Sisjuly review I would happily recommend purchasing from them to anyone – just be sure to thoroughly read the online AliExpress reviews and follow the size guide.

Dress – Sisjuly at AliExpress
Cardi – Primark
Shoes – Toms
Belt – Hell Bunny
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Have you ever purchased a dress from China?

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