After much deliberation over a date we were all available, I finally met up with some of my blogger pals on the Bank Holiday weekend for a lovely day gallivanting in Shrewsbury.

It had been such a long time since I’d been to Shrewsbury – the last time I visited they were playing host to the Shrewsbury Flower Show so it was nice to see the city sans Flower Show (though there were still plenty of beautiful flowers to be seen!).

Nikki met me, Loren, Amy and Kirsty at Shrewsbury Train Station and marched (yes, marched!) us into town where we thoroughly enjoyed perusing the cities first and newly opened Primark. None of us came away empty handed, that’s for sure!

After walking the high street and with a couple of hours until our lunch time reservation we decided to visit a local cafe in the Music Hall on Market Square. My stomach was hungry by this time and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite but I couldn’t stop myself from ordering an oaty cookie to stave the hunger pangs.

After a round of photos we had a slow wander through the streets of Shrewsbury, passing old fashioned buildings and youth groups singing in the street. Eventually we made it to Sweet, where we would be having some dessert for lunch.

Sweet has just recently opened in Shrewsbury – we had a table booked for 12.30pm but arrived when they opened at 12pm and they were happy to seat us earlier. Well, within that half an hour the restaurant was rammed with groups of all ages so I’d thoroughly recommend a reservation if you really want to eat here.

Unfortunately there were only two vegan options on the menu so Amy ended up just ordering a hot drink. Rather unfortunately she was also brought the wrong drink out, and she sniffed it knowing it was unlikely to be vegan and so didn’t drink it. When the restaurant staff realised their error they simply picked the drink up and handed it to the next table rather than making a fresh one… Not sure how I would have felt had I been the recipient of that drink.

The rest of us tucked into an array of desserts – I went for the Apple Pie sundae jar, whilst Nikki had the plain crepes, Kirsty had a kinda bueno waffle and Loren had a triple cookie dough. I have to say – none of us were blown away. The apple pie was the tastiest bit of my dessert and I left a lot of the ice cream which is unlike me!

When we left for another walk across Shrewsbury to the Quarry park I felt instant regret upon passing all the lovely pubs and restaurants overlooking the river. We capped off the day with a stroll through the park, finally settling down in the Dingle (a garden with a lake and flowers) for photo opportunities and a nice long sit in the sun whilst we had a natter.

I had such a brilliant time and the girls certainly know how to scare away the introvert in me! Here’s to the next one – hopefully some Halloween shenanigans!

Have you ever visited Shrewsbury for a day out?

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