Our first stop in America this year was Rotonda West in Florida. We spent 15 weeks touring North America, starting in Canada and moving onto the US. We’d never planned to visit the beach in Florida, but it just so happened my parents would be holidaying during our travels so we spent 2 weeks fee-free with them!

I had never really been too fussed about visiting the beach. Both Liam and I have visited Orlando 7 times now. In the past, Liam had twinned Orlando visits with Naples, but it had never appealed to me. I was proven so wrong!

We always thought of Florida as our ‘holiday within a holiday’.

By the time it rolled around we had already spent 3 weeks in Canada and one of the biggest things we were looking forward to was one of the things you really take for granted at home – the opportunity to unpack our luggage and live out of a wardrobe instead of a suitcase! We spent two amazing weeks taking a leisurely approach to life.

If only we had known what was facing us in the form of New Orleans once we got on our next plane, I don’t think we ever would have left Rotonda! Some of the places we visited and featured on this video include Englewood Beach, Blind Pass Beach, Busch Gardens Tampa, Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda and Don Pedro Island.

You can find out more information about Rotonda West on the following links:
Rotonda West
And if you’re interested in the pool and villa on the video you can book it here!

Ahh, I could just dip my feet in that pool right now! Have you ever visited Rotonda West?

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