So cast your minds back and you may remember that alllll the way back in January I shared with you my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. Well, I vowed then that I’d update on it quarterly (for better or worse!) so now, can you believe it? We’ve already made it through the first quarter of 2017.

If you remember back then, I committed to making my resolutions into more of a ‘lifestyle’ change rather than a faddy change of attitude. Overall, I think I’ve done fairly well so far – so let’s recap and update.


1. Lose weight, reach my weight loss goals and get fit again

Less of this: Eating
Try this: Running regularly
Conquer this: Weight loss

I’ve made slow progress towards this goal but I’m so happy with my achievements so far. I’ve lost roughly half a stone so far, my body looks in better shape than ever and taking my measurements reveals my body is more svelte than it’s ever been.

I did try running regularly, outdoors and on the treadmill, but truth be told it’s not for me. I thought I might be taken in by its allure and promise of a medal but I just couldn’t stick at it. It took me a long while to get going with my fitness and so I didn’t start making too much of an effort until February. Once my holiday was over I started up on Insanity – its my second round of it and it’s done wonders for my fitness.

When it comes to eating I’ve nailed it. Just before going to Holland I started trying clean eating. I passed on premade sauces and jars for dinner and started making everything from scratch, I even dabbled with meal prepping. This has changed my life so much – I enjoy my food so much, I’ve stopped snacking and picking between meals and my tastebuds have been immeasurably altered for the better.

2. Less phone use

More of this: Time with Liam
Conquer this: Photography and editing

This is a fail. I need to make more conscious efforts not to be on my phone – I’m still as addicted as ever. I’ve found since I started blogging it’s so hard to stay away – there’s always something new to read on Twitter or someone to communicate with from the blogging community.

Sadly sitting here I’m trying to think of some standout time Liam and I have spent together – but I can’t. It’s probably not great timing considering we’ve just spent a weekend apart and I’ve been poorly, but I feel like I haven’t seen him in ages right now! We’re both just so busy but this weekend I’m looking forward to some time being outdoors and making plans together.

My photography has come on leaps and bounds, mainly because I’ve been making a conscious effort to take my camera with me everywhere and take pictures even when I can’t be bothered. My editing still isn’t amazing, but I’m learning, and I’ve really tried to be a bit more active with my Instagram account. It is kindof disconcerting gaining 10 followers only to lose 9 of them about a week later though. Grr!

3. Read more

More of this:  Reading

Hmmm, I’m half and half on this one. I’ve read a lot more books this year so far than I did throughout the whole of 2016, I believe.

I’ve been hitting up my local charity shops and buying up tons of books and I think I’ve so far read four books this year. Two of them I read whilst I was on holiday. My latest read was We Were All Completely Beside Ourselves, and that was kindof bizarre but enjoyable! I read it within a week anyway!

4. Be positive

More of this: Enjoying the things I have
Less of this: Complaining

I’m not sure about this one. I do feel more positive and happy with my life, but it’s a facet of my personality that I’m intrinsically negative about certain things.

Aside from one bout of severely negative mental health, I’ve been ok this year. Though I can’t say I’ve been making a big effort to be positive – I guess life just is a bit more positive in general this year.

I’m sure I’m still complaining as much as ever though!

5. Pay off my debts

Less of this:  Spending money

I am making such progress on this. I’ve cut down on my spending habits a lot, and I always think before I purchase something now rather than absent mindedly buying everything nice I see. I’ve also been selling a lot of my unused clothes on eBay, and so far I’ve managed to make nearly £100.

I’m also very pleased to say my credit card went below £1000 in debt for the first time since 2015 this month. I’m almost there, it’s so close I can taste it. April’s payday isn’t far off, and I’m so excited to be sub £500. I’m on track for everything to be paid off by May!


How are your resolutions going? Did you stick at them?

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