I’m partial to a bit of ‘live’ trip blogging so for the next 10 days I’ll be attempting to bring you a day by day account of my trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Back to Day 8!

Today was the penultimate day of my trip, so I’m sad this evening. I was up as usual around 7.30am and we got ready and went straight out to Englewood Beach. We arrived at around 9.30am and got set up on the beach. It was really busy and I didn’t like it much – we weren’t able to go in the sea as it was quite choppy today. Stump Pass was my favourite beach of the holiday.

Once home we went in the pool, but today it was pretty cold so I didn’t go in for long. I kindof regret it but it was the first day I was actually dithering in the pool! I went and packed instead, and then had a long hot bath. Just as I was getting out my mom called me because the tortoise was back!

We went out and fed him a load of salad and he hoovered it right up. I will miss the tortoise. Today he was alone, and it was a different one from the fighting ones the other day. There were no fights today! He did hiss at me when I got too close though.

After that we got ready to go out again. I wanted to go to a few last shops, Michaels, Target and Walmart. I got a Disney watch and some film for my Instax camera there – it’s cheaper than in the UK.

We had Frappy Hour at Target!

Finally we went to IHOP for my last one of this year. It’s my favourite but it seemed a bit of a let down today. We all had regular combos with varying types of pancakes.

On the way home we stopped at Swirls ‘n’ Curls for ice cream. I had a double scoop of Red Velvet Cake and Birthday Cake – I much preferred the Birthday Cake. My mom had a single scoop of Peach.

And that’s it. *sad*. I will write about tomorrow but it won’t be online for a couple of days – I’ll be flying overnight tomorrow.

Total step count (as of 9:51pm): 6,503
Number of lengths: 5

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