I’m partial to a bit of ‘live’ trip blogging so for the next 10 days I’ll be attempting to bring you a day by day account of my trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Back to Day 3!

So today I didn’t step foot near a shop! I slept in a little later today – I even put on my eye patch to shield me when it got lighter out and I wasn’t up until just before 8am. I had been up in the night waking up way too hot, so I turned the air con down and had to wait to get a little cooler before I could get back to sleep again.

This morning we headed out to the beach, arriving for just past 10am. We went to Blind Pass State Park and Beach. I had a little sit for a bit before getting bored and going on a walk down the beach. My dad was looking for sharks teeth as usual so my mom and I went in the sea once I was back from my walk.

The sea was really choppy and was knocking us around the place! The beach also has a habit of pooling all the shells in one spot under the sea so there’s a huge drop off point as you wade in! We couldn’t stay in for too long because we could barely stand up straight. It was a lot hotter than an English sea though, that’s for sure!

My den

I read a book and ate a sandwich whilst my parents had a walk down the beach. Once they came back we had a little sit and then decided to leave – it was quite windy so didn’t feel very warm on the beach but once we walked back towards the car park it was boiling. I spotted an iguana but didn’t have my camera to hand.

When we got back to the villa we went straight in the pool again. I did my 100 laps in one go today. Stupidly I’m also now hideously sunburnt! I came home and topped up the sun cream on my face and chest assuming the rest of me would be ok under the water but nope – I was doing breaststroke and am now bright red on my back with strap marks.

After finishing my laps I had a nice bath and got ready to go out for dinner. This evening we headed to the Outback – they had their Bloomin’ Monday promotion which meant we got a free Bloomin’ Onion which was as usual, super tasty!

We got the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under desert to go and the whole drive home I was panicking about all the ice cream melting and the mess it would make but nope, when we got home they’d potted and boxed everything up so perfectly – nothing was melted!

Current step count (as of 8:51pm): 4,257 (lazy!)
Number of lengths swam: 100

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What a lazy day – I’m not even so tired my eyeballs might fall out this evening!

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