I’m partial to a bit of ‘live’ trip blogging so for the next 10 days I’ll be attempting to bring you a day by day account of my trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Back to Day 9!

The final day of my trip *sob sob*. I was up by 7.30am and got showered and ready straight away as we were going to Disney Springs today! I packed the last of my things, it looked like it was going to be about 21kg or 22kg which was ok as I was allowed up to 23kg.

We were staying at the coast but flew in and out of Orlando (I was leaving today but my parents are there for a couple more weeks) so I said we could visit Disney Springs on the day I had to go back to the airport. I knew loads had changed in the past year – Liam and I flew home last year just a couple of days before they opened the new Town Centre area.

It took just over two hours to drive there and we parked in the new Lime Car Park.

It was weird walking out into a totally new place. There was so much to see and take in. We walked straight to the Marketplace Co-op though as it’s my birthday on May 11th and my parents were going to buy me a dress from the Dress Shop. I had my heart set on the Tower of Terror dress, but unfortunately all of the dresses available were sizes 2XL and bigger. It seems pretty ridiculous to me that Disney can’t just order enough dresses to go around – but hey, they do it on purpose to make the items seem more desirable.

In the absence of the dress I was unsure about getting the handbag as I’d planned so I looked round a few shops deciding. My parents went for a Starbucks so I went into World of Disney and got some pins and such and then to the Pin Trading place and got some more! Most of them were presents for Liam though. I met back up with my parents and we went to D Luxe Burger for lunch.

I had heard so much about it here and seen so many pictures, it was one of the places I was most looking forward to try so we HAD to go there. Oh my god, I had no idea how big the burgers were. It was insane.

I am going to include a really hideously unflattering picture now just so you can get an idea of the sheer scale of these burgers.

And we had one each. You could easily share one between two people.

After eating we headed back down to the Cirque de Soleil end so we could start at the beginning. First we stopped on the bridge outside the burger place taking loads of pictures of the amazing scenery. It’s so pretty and colourful.

We went to Curl – I had a good look at the painted toms outside as I want a pair for my wedding next year. My mom got me a necklace here, too – I’ll film a haul video over the weekend and include a link to it when it’s online.

Then we worked our way down looking in shops old and new. I really loved the Uniqlo shop, and it was so reasonably priced. I can’t wait to go back there next year when I’m actually holidaying in Disney! We went all back round the Disney shops and I got the Tower of Terror bag, afterall. During this holiday I decided I wanted to learn to sew, so I had purchased a dress pattern on eBay and my mom and I are making it a project to sew a Tower of Terror themed dress for my trip to Paris in 6 weeks – I’ll keep you updated!

After looking through all the shops we sat briefly and then headed back to the car a little earlier than we needed to. The traffic out of Disney was horrendous, as usual. We arrived at the airport at about 3.45pm and I got changed for the flight.

I got checked in – my bag was exactly 23kg so I had a close call there. We sat briefly but there was no point sitting around so I went through security and my parents left. I had a while to wait for the plane – it departed at 7.15pm. I slept for about half of it, forcing myself to as I didn’t want to suffer with jetlag. Back in England I was to get a train from Manchester Airport to the Midlands and then an Uber to my house. I’m still awake at 2.30pm UK time – normally I’ve had a nap by now but I’m trying to stay up.

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Thanks for reading along.

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