I’m partial to a bit of ‘live’ trip blogging so for the next 10 days I’ll be attempting to bring you a day by day account of my trip to Punta Gorda, Florida.

Day 1 ‘proper’ and I woke up in the Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando on International Drive having flown into Orlando yesterday. There’s a bittersweet and ugly tinge in my stomach because I know I won’t be getting up and going to the Magic Kingdom on my first day of an Orlando trip, but instead I’ll be sat in a car for two hours travelling to the coast. It’ll all look better when the jet lags worn off.

I was awake just before 6am so decided to give up with sleep. As in tradition on the first morning of a USA holiday I ran myself a bath and lingered in it. Eventually me and my mom went out for a walk around the hotel grounds whilst my dad got ready. My confused stomach which thought it was 12pm wondered where my lunch was so we found me a cereal bar and an amazing smoothie made with peach juice.

From Orlando to Rotonda West, where we’re staying on the coast, is about 2 hours 5 minutes but we broke the journey up by stopping at the Ellenton Premium Outlets. I don’t have much money so managed to resist most of what I saw (the usual holiday Hazel is buying up things I just think are ‘ok’ left, right and centre) and I came away with a couple of crazy pairs of sunglasses and a treat in the form of a lovely plum coloured purse from Michael Kors. Treat yo’self. It was actually only about £20 and I justified it by thinking to myself that River Island charge that for purses!

After shopping for a good few hours we got back in the car for the final hour and arrived at the villa not long after 4pm. I was super tired and haven’t managed to get any pictures of where we’re staying yet, but we were greeted by a tortoise, so have a picture of him instead.

After getting our stuff in the house we headed out to Walmart where we walked through the aisles like zombies for a ‘small’ shop of only $132 (lol). We had terrible pre-made Walmart food for dinner (terrible in the health sense – it was damn tasty) and then I got in the pool.

Since then I’ve had a nice shower and backed up all of my pictures from the day. How I’m awake I don’t know as it currently feels like my eyeballs are about to roll out of their sockets. Sweet dreams!

Here’s me and my littlest monkey Chilli, who’ll be joining me in place of Liam hehe!

Current step count (as of 9:12pm): 7,875
Number of lengths swam: 30

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Join me for Day 2 tomorrow when my eyes may or may not be still in their sockets.

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