One of my favourite topics of discussion during my years at University were our Zombie Apocalypse plans. Moving houses so often in the space of three years meant I was always fine-tuning and perfecting my plan of escape.

In my first two years, my flat was somewhat of a fortress. Six of us would be banded together behind a locked door, with access to our own kitchen. Our living room window, luckily, overlooked the entrance of the complex which could theoretically allow access in and out (though we were three floors up!) when we were inevitably surrounded by zombified students.

In my final year, I moved into a small house share with one other friend. Our house was on the second and third floors of a three-storey building. This meant we had to ascend a staircase to get into our hallway. When my fiance used to visit me we’d often discuss what we’d do – we had it down to a fine art, fuelled by episodes of the Walking Dead, play-throughs of Dead Rising and a fascination with zombification that I believe all millennials are partial to.

Zombie Apocalypse

Of course, we decided, we’d knock out the staircase so nobody could get up into our house, and we’d climb out onto the roof, scaling along rooftops in order to get to the local food shops to pilfer supplies. But what would be the best food to stockpile after days, weeks, months or possibly even years for us to survive on? Data Label has put together this infographic so I can complete my plan of attack. Looks like my best bet is to stockpile potted noodles and all of the freeze-dried fruits I can find in the baking aisle in those first few days.

These days though, our plan has evolved. We’d head to a local garden centre which also sells touring caravans, fill up on as much fuel as we could get (as well as freeze-dried foods by the sound of it) and drive to the Scottish Highlands…

I’ve been spending far too much time thinking about this, haven’t I?


What’s your zombie apocalypse survival plan? I’d love to hear it!

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