Pirlo’s is a restaurant tucked away in Birmingham’s City Centre. They exclusively serve dessert (it feels a bit wrong to call it a restaurant?!) – and decadent ones at that! I love food and have a complete sweet tooth so I jumped at the chance to attend their 1st Birthday Bloggers event.

I’d never been to Pirlo’s before, or to be honest, past the Bullring! I relied on Google Maps to get me there but soon realised I was walking round the Wrekin when I could have gotten there even quicker. If you’re coming from New Street it’s super easy to find – you just need to walk alongside Selfridges and you can then cut through Moor Street car park.

I knew I had arrived when I stumbled upon a building with a fascinating (and huge!) bit of graffiti on the side of the wall. It was further confirmed for me when I spotted people outside taking photos of the restaurant! Yep – bloggers. Upon entering I was given one of Pirlo’s non-alcoholic drinks – it was truly delicious, not too sweet or sickly as fruity drinks can often be.

Once we were all finished scouring the restaurant for photo ops, the first three of our desserts for the evening were served. To start (yes, I’m using the words ‘to start’ about a meal in a dessert restaurant!) we were given the Tropical Sundae, Neapolitan Sundae and the gargantuan Monster Sundae.

The Monster Sundae was made up of Ferrero Rocher, nutella and strawberry ice cream and was covered in Oreo sprinkles and brownies – it took everything in this ice cream lover to hold back from devouring the lot and soiling my reputation in front of a room full of new faces (let’s not lie though – when we moved tables later on I was the one, with a fellow foodie fiend, to go back and collect the sundaes!).

After we’d had our fill of ice cream we moved over to a booth and were greeted by a bevy of chocolaty ice cream dessert goodness. Five desserts were brought out to the table, including the Red Velvet Cake, The Wild One Crepe and the Pirlo’s Big Waffle. We were invited to tuck in whilst we waited for our individual platters (YES! There was more food to come!).

Our individual plates came out with samples of the cheesecake, crepes and waffles. The crepe was my personal favourite – so lovely, chocolaty and the crepe was light at the same time. It was at this point in a dazed sugar coma I excused myself to get to the train station – I didn’t want to be home too late as my car was parked where I work so I had to get the train PAST my home city only to drive back on myself 20 miles.

What a restaurant tasting looks like after being hit by a hurricane of bloggers!

I had a lovely evening indulging and I would visit Pirlo’s again in a shot. It’s testament to the quality of the food served that a fellow blogger attending the event told me he’d tried everything on the menu, and still kept coming back.

*I was invited by Delicious PR to Pirlo’s 1st Birthday event for Bloggers. I was able to taste the menu free of charge but all opinions are my own.


Have you ever visited a dessert restaurant?


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