Day 2: Pentewan

Welcome to my special week of Cornish diary entries. This week I’m on holiday here, so I hope to give you a new entry every day. Today was our first full day, and a visit to the beach at Pentewan to visit my sister…

Sunday 7th August 2016

Pentewan Costa

Our first Cornish Costa

Today is Sunday, so you have to have a lie in on a Sunday right? I woke up at around 9.30am and turned on my phone, and spent about half an hour just browsing in bed. I headed downstairs later and had my usual porridge breakfast, before spending a good hour or so getting ready!

Once I was ready we headed to a local caravan park, called Pentewan Sands, next to the village of Pentewan. My sister and family are also on holiday in Cornwall this week, staying here, so we headed to their caravan for a visit.

By now it was lunch time and I was peckish, so after a little while my mom, dad and I headed to Hubbox on the beach here. My parents both had burgers, and I had a chilli cheese dog, with fries to share. I have to say, I was really disappointed.

When my hot dog arrived I was confused. The cheese was so grey and gross looking that I mistook it for gravy and thought they’d send me some kindof a gruel dog instead of a chilli cheese dog! It certainly wasn’t the ‘American’ style restaurant it proclaimed to be. Anyway, thoroughly underwhelmed we walked to the beach where we’d arranged to meet my sister.

Sandcastles at Pentewan

Sandcastles at Pentewan

The kids played in the sea and with the sand, with my nephew making some castles. After watching him for a bit I headed down to the sea to paddle with the other kids. The water was cold, but bearable – I’m quite good at getting in the cold sea water! It was a nice sunny day but I always get cold in the beach wind so I wore a hoody.

Pentewan beach

After paddling for a little while I headed back up the beach. Unfortunately I was bare foot so the sand really did hurt my feet. It’s the sort of sandy beach that had a lot of stones and broken up sea shells so it’s not ideal on the old feet and they now feel like they’ve been cut into!
It took my an age to hobble up the beach but I finally made it. I sat for a little while before helping my eldest nephew to bury my other nephew! My mom, dad and I then decided to head back to our car to return home.

We arrived back shortly before 4pm and being Sunday took some relaxation time before having a walk down to Charlestown. It’s within walking distance of our house. We’ve been here before and it’s a very small village with a couple of pirate ships! They use it on film and television a lot as a location setting, and today the boat was in. We had a stroll through the village and sat on the harbour, before heading back up the hill to our house.

Pentewan Charlestown

I have spent most of the evening editing my next vlog and relaxing. But tomorrow we’ll be visiting Padstow on the opposite coast, so that should be a bit more of a busy day!

Onto Day 3…

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