View: Rotonda West, Charlotte County, FL

Our first stop in America this year was Rotonda West in Florida. We spent 15 weeks touring North America, starting in Canada and moving onto the US. We’d never planned to visit the beach in Florida, but it just so happened my parents would be holidaying during our travels so we spent 2 weeks fee-free with them!

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Review: Collectif Clothing Dolores Doll Dress in Summer Bouquet

I am just now getting into the ‘pin up’ inspired style scene. I’ve always been a fan of it and while Liam and I were travelling I said to him that I would like to start exclusively dressing in that style (I’ve changed my mind now, but more on that later!). The only reason I hadn’t done so before was that it’s just such an expensive game to get into, dominated by what seem to be only a few major players that have the monopoly on the market. One of the few places I’ve managed to track down that’s based in the UK is Collectif Clothing.

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Disney, Travel

The Best Disney Day Ever

We are big Orlando enthusiasts and as part of our travels across America we stayed on International Drive for nearly 7 weeks. As we had so much time (and a pair of Annual Passes we’ll probably never have again!) on one of the days we decided to visit all 4 Disney parks in one day, using Disney transportation.

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