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Welcome to my special week of Cornish diary entries. This week I’m on holiday here, so I hope to give you a new entry every day. Today was our third day, and a visit to Padstow (aka Steinville)…

Monday 8th August 2016

Today I was up slightly earlier so we could get up and get out to head over to Padstow. I got ready and decided to put a dress on today, as well as my Up bow!

We drove over to the other coast, stopping at the Ann’s Cottage surf warehouse in St. Column Major. Unfortunately the place was absolutely rammed, and didn’t seem much of an outlet warehouse at all! Most items only had about £10 off.

After that we headed onto Padstow, and parked in the park and ride field at the top. We headed down on the bus. We were shocked. The place was so just, absolutely taken over by tourists. It really must be so unbearable to be a local. People were everywhere.

Padstow people everywhere

If this is somewhere you’d like to visit on your travels, take a look at these pictures and think again! It’s really not a good place to go during holiday season. We had a look in a few shops and then went for our first pasty of the holiday at the Cornish bakery (Pasty Presto). I had a Steak and Stilton, I didn’t rate it very highly as most of the potato was at the bottom, along with the stilton.

Padstow pasty

After that we headed to the Harbour Ice shop for a scoop of ice cream. Again, the place had a big queue and it was pretty uncomfortable trying to squeeze over so people could get in and out of the shop. We all had one scoop with a dollop of clotted cream. I had strawberries and cream flavour.



Best stationary set ever #tinkerbell

Best stationary set ever #tinkerbell

We headed back to the house and I did a bit of video editing ready for Wednesday and we left again at about 6.45pm. We headed into Mevagissey this evening to watch the local male voice choir. We parked up and walked down to the harbour, not before stopping at the Cornish bakery again!

Padstow carrot cake


I had a slice of carrot cake and my dad had an almond and chocolate croissant. He said it was too rich but I liked the carrot cake. We watched the choir from near the back for a while before we got cold and headed back to the car! Overall, not the packed out day I had imagined it would be today!

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