As summer rolls around it’s the conversation coming up at dinner tables where millennial’s are gathering for barbecues up and down the country. But no, I don’t own my own home.

It’s not on the cards for me right now, but that doesn’t stop the buy-your-own-home epidemic spreading on the Twitter-verse like the plague. Green eyed monster inducing photos of the perfect sea green door, the announcement that your offer was accepted, the refraining from booking holidays so you can get your priorities in order. Will I ever have this level of control on my spending habits?

Yes, Miss Apprentice at work (FOUR YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME, by the way!), it’s lovely that you and whats-his-face are currently picking the sickly shade of beige for the carpet in your bespoke home. And apologies I’m zoning out at the prospect of hearing all about your grey or black or ‘maybe we should go for something entirely different’ tiles in the bathroom. I can’t help but feel like you didn’t have the same sunken pit of jealously in your stomach when I was telling you all about the plans I’d concocted for my four month travelling sabbatical.

Right now purchasing a house isn’t an option for us. We’ve been living together since 2012 when we finished university, and it’s the best. We’ve lived in three different houses. Naturally, having met at university, we’re not from the same part of the country. Liam is from Bedfordshire, and I was 105 miles away in the West Midlands. It was bad enough spending two months living with my parents in a 2-up-2-down house – let alone the thought of the potential 2 YEARS we may have had to do it for in order to save to buy. Nope, our wages right now are being spent on rent.

So if you’ve just purchased your first house – congratulations, genuinely. The jealousy is gently simmering inside of me and I mean no ill feelings. It’s so hard in this day and age for younger people to get on the property ladder and if you’ve managed it, I salute you.

So no, I don’t own my own home. But here’s a list of things I do own to make me feel better:

  • A passport
  • A Pusheen make up bag
  • A lunch bag covered in mermaid cats
  • A lifetime of memories from four months of travelling
  • A battered old sofa from a local charity shop
  • A duvet sheet covered in cartoon doughnuts
  • A huge amount of Ikea storage solutions
  • A washing machine
  • A vinyl player and record collection
  • A drawer full of cuddly toys I can’t bear to part with

See – I’m almost grown up enough to buy my own home!

Are you struggling to get on the property ladder?

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