Bloggers are my favourite kind of people. They’re supportive, creative and they don’t mind spending a mind-numbing amount of time on takings pictures of you trying not to be awkward.

On a my recent trip to Shrewsbury, five of us got together to do just that! And what better back drop could we have had than the lovely sights of the city?

I have to admit, though: I was out of my comfort zone with this outfit. I’m so used to my circle skirts and petticoats I think I’d forgotten what it was to be a modern day twenty something year old. I picked up this dress in the New Look sale a couple of weeks ago, and I’d been saving it especially for this trip. I hadn’t bargained for how short it was though, and although I’m sure it would have been fine on it’s own, I did slip a pair of unseen shorts under it!

What I love about this dress is when I tried it on in the shop I kept my jeans on under it and it still looked lovely. I was content in the knowledge I could wear it as a long top and a dress. For Shrewsbury though, I had to add my own alternative flair.

I paired it with a black cardigan and leather-look jacket I picked up from George at Asda years ago but have never worn. For my comfortable touch of retro I used my Sunjellies basket. A couple of the girls commented they wouldn’t like using it as you can see everything inside of my bag – on certain occasions that doesn’t really bother me (like in little quaint Shrewsbury!) but I probably wouldn’t use it for a day out in Birmingham.

And then of course, I had to add my weird touch. Socks and sandles. Yep. My new favourite thing. I recently picked up these old school JuJu Jellies for just £5 in an Office sale at Milton Keynes. I was beyond chuffed, but also most upset as they had another pair I had my eyes on for the same price but they were sun bleached from being on display sad face. I couldn’t think of anything better than a pair of little girly frilly socks to pair them with. I felt like a full on Harajuku Girl (that’s not a bad thing!)

So thank you to my long-suffering blogger pals for putting up with my awkward expressions, lack of spacial awareness and embarrassment during the shooting of these pictures. I’ll try and only subject Liam to that in future…!

Dress – New Look

Jacket – George at Asda

Cardigan and socks – Primark

Bag – Sunjellies

Shoes – JuJu Jellies

Sunglasses – Hot Topic

Picture credit: Kirsty at Kirsty Leanne, Nikki at Just Around the Riverbend and Amy at Purely Amy

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