October 2016 Beauty Buys

I am by no means a beauty blogger, but I really wanted to share with you my October Beauty Buys! It all stems from my mascara drying up, meaning I had to pop into town to buy a new one. I then slipped and fell, and ended up purchasing quite a few products.

Yep, that’s the honest truth.

October Beauty Buys

  • Maybelline Nudes Palettes, including: ‘the Nudes’, ‘the blushed Nudes’ and ‘the rock Nudes’

These new palettes retail at £14.99 each, but both Boots and Superdrug are currently doing a buy one get one half price offer across all Maybelline products.

The first one I purchased was ‘the Nudes’, and the reason I brought it is because although I have tons, and tons, of eyeshadow palettes in all the colours of the rainbow, I very rarely wear it as I have no idea where and how to apply it to make it look amazing.

Well, problem solved! If you’re a make-up novice like myself (the only thing I’ve got going for me is the perfect winged liner which I’ve been doing since I was about 13!) then this is the dream. It tells you exactly where to put each colour on your eye, in combinations of 2 colours, 3 colours and 4 colours.

And that is exactly why my card fell into the reader and I brought all 3 versions of this palette.

Here’s a look done with each of these palettes – look out for it coming up on my YouTube channel over the next few weeks!

October Beauty Buys

  • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

This mascara is currently retailing for £8.99. But don’t forget about the Boots and Superdrug offer if you want to purchase this together with a ‘the Nudes’ palette.

This is my go to mascara, and I’ve been using it for about a year now. I mean… not literally – I’ve been buying a new one every few months! It just makes your lashes so long and lovely. Probably contrary to the rest of the female population, I actually like my eye lashes to be reminiscent of spiders legs, so you can do wonders with this mascara to achieve that.

There’s two brushes, one normal brush and one the perfect size to do your lower lashes, or the corners of your eyes. The only complaint I have is that I find these tend to dry out so, so quickly.

October Beauty Buys

  • The Body Shop Peach Body Lotion

The full retail price for this is £8, but the Body Shop currently have a 50% off sale so this is down to £4. You can’t not buy it at this price, right? Right?!

I picked this up on impulse in the small branch of the Body Shop within London Euston station. I have an absolute ton of tubs of the flavoured body butter the Body Shop do, and I didn’t really want a whole new tub, but then I spotted this pump bottle towards the back of the shop.

It smells absolutely gorgeous, and of course, feels real nice. I always try and lotion my legs after shaving them, as I get really dried out skin, and this is perfect for that. Though I did mainly buy it for the smell alone!

October Beauty Buys

  • The Body Shop Spiced Apple Lip Balm

The full retail price for this is £4, but the Body Shop currently have a 50% sale so this is down to £2. And also, Christmas!

This grabbed my attention at the till, and I had to get it as I’m a sucker for anything apple and cinnamon-ey when it comes to the winter months. Did I ever mention I once brought home 6 bottles of Apple and Cinnamon air freshener from Florida? One for each room of the house, of course! There’s method to my madness, afterall.

This just smells so nice, and is the perfect consistency. Sometimes I think it’s a little icky putting my finger in Vaseline and what not, but this one melts under your finger tip so it’s super easy to apply. Did I mention how amazing it smells, too?!




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