November Beauty Buys

I’m back again with my November Beauty Buys! I’ve come to find that once you start buying makeup, you just can’t stop – so I think I’ve purchased half of Boots and Superdrug since last months post.

  • MUA Lipstick and Velvet Colour Enhance Lacquer

November Beauty Buys

I have a huge tray full of the MUA lipsticks now, and the primary reason for that? They retail at just £1 per lipstick and with Superdrug currently running a 3 for 2 offer across all of their cosmetics you can pick up three for just £2.

November Beauty BuysI’ve got a couple of matte lipsticks by MUA, but these two are good old fashioned lipsticks(I say good old fashioned – I don’t know how long matte lipsticks have been around but they’re certainly new to me!). I went for a purple shade and more of a nude shade. I have to be honest, I haven’t worn either yet – but the other lipsticks I’ve tried from MUA have been excellent considering the price of them.

I also picked up the Velvet Colour Enhance Lacquer (£3.00), which I saw first online, because I have a few kindof ‘out there’ shades of lipstick (think darker purples and reds) which I wanted to REALLY enhance. So I thought I’d give this strange colour enhance lipgloss a go.

I have tried the Colour Enhance Lacquer – it’s very odd. It’s bright white and dries on like a matte paste and then you put on your colour over it. I have to admit it’s so bright white I struggled to cover it over with the shade of lipstick I was using, so not sure that’s such a good purchase to be honest.

  • Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Sculpting Palette by Kate

November Beauty Buys

Ok, confession – I haven’t worn foundation in literally five years. I was so baffled by the world of primer, foundation and concealer I flapped about in the shop and had to ask a friend for advice. In the end I decided against getting a primer (is that right or wrong) and just moisturising my face before putting foundation on.

November Beauty BuysAs it was the least confusing in the whole shop I got the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in its lightest shade, Ivory. I tried a couple of colours on my hand and this was by far the best but Liam does keep commenting that I look like a ghost when it’s on my face – think some bronzer is required haha! It does go on very nice and smooth so I’d recommend it in moderation. It retails for £7.99.

I also knew I wanted to film a contouring video (which you can check out here!) so as at the time of purchase Boots had a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price offer across Rimmel I picked up the Sculpting Palette by Kate. I’ve used it three times now and I really get on with it. You can see my thought on it a bit more in the vlog, but it’s a really great little kit for total beginners. I thoroughly recommend it and it retails for £6.99 – but get it quick as Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel.

  • Seventeen Products

November Beauty Buys

Seventeen kindly sent me a number of their products to try, so I’ve sortof lumped them all in here together!

November Beauty BuysFirst up they sent me three of their new Mega Matte Lipsticks. I’ve tried all three colours (Rioja Your World, Looking Buff and I Lilac it a Lot) and when I first looked at them my absolute favourite was I Lilac it a Lot. I love crazy lip colours and I couldn’t wait to try it on! Unfortunately I really struggled to get it to go on evenly, I’ll have to try it again but both Looking Buff and Rioja Your World went all over easily. I’m torn between those two! They retail for £4.49 at Boots. My only qualm with them was the shape of the lipstick – I find it really hard to get right to the corners of my lips as it’s a sortof blocky shape.

Next up was the Tattoo Liner. Amazing. All I can say! I am notoriously awful when it comes to using liquid eyeliners but this was sooo easy to apply! It totally changed my opinion of liquid eyeliners all together. Just recently I tried using a sample of the Kat Von D tattoo liner and it was just awful – it went everywhere and I found it impossible to apply in a straight, non shaky line. So I had pretty big reservations using the Seventeen Tattoo Liner. Not necessary – it was amazingly easy to apply just the right amount and in a perfect line, if you take a look at my Instagram post, you’ll see just how straight the line went on. I’ll be stocking up on these for sure. They retail at £4.99.

Thank you @seventeen_uk for the amazing tattoo me eyeliner! First liquid eyeliner I can actually control ?? #makeup #beauty #beautyblogger #bblogger #seventeen #seventeenmakeup #eyeliner #liquideyeliner #eyeshadow #makeup #eyes #eyebrows #selfie

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Finally, they also sent me a couple of face products. First was the Skin Wow Concealer. Ok, I’m such a makeup noob when I opened this I was so confused about how to use it. BUT if you’re as new to make up and concealer as I am, never fear, you just push the button on the bottom a couple of times and it comes out onto the brush. There’s a really handy video here on how to use this. It helped me, anyway. You can use it as an illuminator on your cheek bones and eyebrows, but I’ve also used it to conceal a couple of scars on my face. I probably wouldn’t purchase this myself as I don’t wear concealer, but it is a good, low price product, retailing at £4.99.

Last up is the Cheek Stamp. This is a quirky little piece! It’s travel size and has two halves that scren into eachother. One side holds the blush and a mirror and another has the sponge to apply with! You push them together to get the blush onto the sponge and then apply! It’s a round sponge so great for getting coverage on your cheek, though it is a little harder if you want to focus on a small area you might have missed. This is a must have if you’re a frequent traveller and retails at £4.99, also.


I hope you enjoyed this months Beauty Buys post – take a look back at October’s Beauty Buys here!


I received free products from Seventeen, however, all opinions are my own.

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