New Year's Resolutions

Despite the rest of the world proclaiming 2016 to be the year of doom and gloom, I actually had a pretty good year for personal development. I want to continue the trend in 2017, to try and make my life a little better.

New Year's Resolutions

Despite the Twitter furore, no, I don’t think New Year’s Resolutions are lame. The reason? I don’t see them as ‘New Year’ – yes, they’re something I’ve committed to early on in a year, a fresh slate. But they’re not something that just end, ever really. It’s not so much about achieving them as it is about adopting each one as a habit for life.

And come on, isn’t is easier to just embrace all that chocolate in the Christmas period with the promise in the back of your mind you’ll start fresh on January 1st? Cause who wants to skip chocolate over Christmas?!?

In the style of that lame company’s Christmas box of lame, I’ve set five goals, with some side notes – more of this, less of this, try this and conquer this.

1. Lose weight, reach my weight loss goal and get fit again

Less of this: Eating
Try this: Running regularly
Conquer this: Weight loss

I started my weight loss journey in 2011, getting more serious about it from 2012 onwards. I have lost four stone in that time BUT it’s such a long time. I had some years where I just gained and lost the same one stone. I could have lost it all by now.

I have about two more stone to go before I’m somewhere where I think I’ll be happy. Of course, it really depends what I look like once I get there. So this year I need to combat this once and for all so I can carry on with my healthy life.

2. Less phone use

More of this: Time with Liam
Conquer this: Photography and editing

This has become a real problem in recent months. I love blogging, but along with blogging comes a lot of self promotion which unfortunately also involves being heavily active on social media. I’ve pretty much been glued to my phone, and Twitter, in recent months.

Very rarely do I sit and watch TV, because for some reason I start scrolling through something on my phone! Even when it’s a TV show I’ve been really looking forward to, and something I’m really not that bothered about on my phone. I want to put the phone down so I can spend more quality time with Liam, and in all the time that frees up I can easily be reading up and working on my photography and editing – an aspect of my blog I’ve really enjoyed.

3. Read more

More of this: Reading

When I read, I love it – unfortunately I can get pretty obsessed with it. I don’t so much enjoy books as I start to read them and become obsessed with the ending. I supposed this doesn’t help considering my genre of choice is thrillers so I’m always desperate to find out what happens.

I only read a handful of books each year even though I love reading. I’ve had the same two books stacked up on the bedside table since I went to Cornwall. IN AUGUST. I sometimes don’t even read when I’m on holiday. I do most of my reading when travelling with work which is only a handful of times a year. So this year I want to read more.

4. Be positive

More of this: Enjoying the things I have
Less of this: Complaining

It’s a fact of life, I’m a complainer and a worrier. During our Christmas trip to Disneyland last week, Liam actually said to me that he doesn’t believe I actually enjoy going to Disney theme parks because once I’m there I just complain. Fact is, I just enjoy complaining. But it’s not good for a person to be so negative all the time.

I’m also a terrible anxious worrier. I worry about things and try to figure out plans of action for things that most likely won’t even happen. I obsessively plan. I’m also having a hard time at work lately, so that permeates into my home life. This year, I want to be more positive. Think about the things I have, complain less – in the words of Dr Suess, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

5. Pay off my debts

Less of this: Spending money

Oh boy. This one’s been hanging over me for a couple of years now. I’m bad with money. I suppose it comes hand in hand with my previous resolution. I buy constantly. Buying things makes me feel happy. But it’s left me with a bulging cupboard full of clothes I rarely wear, drawers upon drawers overflowing with everything from perfumes to lipsticks to soft toys and a hefty credit card bill.

There were some moments of happiness in that credit card bill, though – it did help pay for us to go travelling across the US in 2015. It paid mostly for my 2016 Florida trip. It’s still paying deposits on holidays even now. But it needs to get gone. Reading this you’re probably imagining I’ve got some ginormous £10,000 debt. I don’t. It’s relatively small, and nowhere near my credit card limit. But I feel bad for it, and I want it gone so I can enjoy my down time guilt free.


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you stick to your 2016 goals?


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