We’ve been married now for just over a month and I’ve been looking through pictures to relive the day. It’s amazing how your memory works when it’s a significant event, as I still feel like everything was just yesterday. I jotted down my memories into a wedding day diary to share with you.


I was up and at them after 4 and a half hours sleep. My mind was racing and there was no way I was going back to sleep. The alarm was due to go off at around 4am, anyway, so I decided I’d lie in bed and scroll Twitter mindlessly. Luckily, being 5 hours behind the majority of my timeline meant I had quite a lot to catch up on.


The alarm went off and my parents both awoke. Knowing the hair and makeup ladies were due to arrive at 4.45am I got up and had a quick bath and put on my wedding day jammies! Hair and make-up arrived early, at 4.30am and luckily I was ready to go. My dad went to collect them from the lobby of the hotel and then went off in search of water whilst me and my mom started the process of getting ready.


By 6.30am, I was nearly ready! We were putting the finishing touches to my hair – I had a copious amount of Tangled hair jewels to put into my half-up plait. We timed it perfectly, and my first photographer of the day, Stephanie, arrived at 6.45am, just as hair and make-up were leaving. She photographed the painstaking progress of my parents taking it in turns to try and get the 40-odd buttons on the back of my dress done up.


We headed outside of Disney’s Beach Club for a 45 minute photo session. We were so lucky to catch the end of ‘golden hour’ and the sun was just rising in the sky as we got to the lighthouse overlooking the Boardwalk.

Workers were busy gardening and cleaning the grounds of the hotel, and lots of them told me I looked beautiful and wished me congratulations, which was a nice feeling.


Stephanie left and it was time to head back up to the room to waste some time before the limo picked us up. I was starving and aware I wouldn’t be eating until 3pm so I sent my dad on another mission to find me some food. Unfortunately I also needed the toilet during this hour, and I discovered the joys of needing someone help you to go to the toilet when you’re in a wedding dress.

At around 8.20, we went back down to the lobby in search of the limo and we were in it by 8.25. Our driver took us to the Polynesian Village Resort and when we got there he phoned our wedding coordinator and we had to hold in the limo whilst she ‘hid the groom’!

At 8.40am I was out of the limo and sat in the lobby of the hotel, I met our co-ordinator and our officiant, Kevin Knox. Our co-ordinator also gave me my bouquet, which was surprisingly heavy! Just before the wedding our Disney Fine Art Photographer, Brittany, arrived.


At 9am my mom went ahead and got into place on the beach. I held back with my dad until the co-ordinator called us down.

The ceremony was short, only around ten or fifteen minutes (which I was glad of!). I literally could not see a thing during the entire ceremony. The sun was glaring directly into my eyes so they were practically closed, Kevin even made a joke of it and I tried to shield myself behind Liam.

By 9.20 the wedding was over and we were having our photos done. We had a couple of group shots before we dispatched our parents to the hotel lobby whilst we had more taken of just me and Liam. Brittany was so funny, and really made us laugh.


We jumped back into the limo, but this time together. He drove us to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where we’d be having our final pictures of the day with Stephanie. When we arrived, we were met by a lady working at the hotel who was greeting guests at the lobby and she told us we had made her day! She was so sweet and made us both feel so welcome.


Stephanie arrived and we headed outside first of all, but we couldn’t see any animals on the savannah and with it being so hot we went straight back into the Lodge, but not before a little girl flagged me down and unprompted, told me I looked beautiful – I nearly cried. Stephanie had lots of good ideas, she knew the hotel so well which was good as we didn’t at all and we got the much coveted bridge shots.

We were flagging so much by the end of the session when we said bye to Stephanie.


All we could think about was food. Thinking with my belly I remembered coming across the much coveted Zebra Domes which are only available at Animal Kingdom Lodge when I’d been doing my research. Of course we had to go and grab some, so like a couple of crazy people we headed to the foot court in our wedding attire and got them.

We sat on a sofa outside of the restaurant and devoured them with one solitary cast member staring agape – must have thought we were insane.

1 – 2pm

Once satiated we headed outside of the hotel and ordered an Uber. I wonder if this was the first time the Uber driver had picked up someone in a wedding address! He looked pretty surprised but said I looked beautiful and then helped shove my dress into his car. As we walked through the lobby of the Polynesian I heard a little girl tell her mom a princess just walked through.

Finally! It was time for me to brush my hair and change my clothes. We got back to our hotel at the Polynesian Resort and both got changed before we hopped on the monorail to Magic Kingdom with only ten minutes before our Be Our Guest reservation.


Luckily, our parents had gone ahead and checked us into Be Our Guest and us being a tad late wasn’t a problem. We sped walk once we’d made it into the park and got there only a few minutes late. We were soon into the restaurant for the meal we’d been planning for what felt like months. The food was amazing and we were in there for a good hour.

4 – 7pm

At this point, the day’s a bit of a blur. I know after the meal our families went to watch Philharmagic and Liam and I headed to Main St to pick up a groom Mickey hat and had it embroidered with the date. We searched high and low for a set of matching bride ears but they were entirely out of stock and I didn’t manage to get any until a few days later.

We ate the world’s happiest ice cream sundae. We had pictures at the #PurpleWall. We got drenched on Big Thunder Mountain! We rode all three mountains and Pirates of the Caribbean.

7 – 8pm

Happily Ever After would be showing at 8pm, but I’d already decided I wasn’t too fussed about watching. All I wanted was to go back to the hotel to change and shower before our dinner reservation. This was Liam’s families only chance to see the fireworks, so he stayed in the park with them and I went back to the room with my parents. It made me very happy to change out of my sodden dress and put on something cosier.

9 – 10pm

My parents and I headed to Ohana to check in for our reservation. Liam and co had been held up on the boat and arrived at around 9.15pm. We were into the restaurant shortly after their arrival and seated, and the feast commenced!

We had a ton of food and it tasted as good as ever. We were given fancy leis to celebrate our wedding.


I don’t know how I was still awake, but once we’d finished eating we walked to the hotel bus stop with our family and waved them off as they got on a bus to Disney Springs so they could get back to their hotels. And finally, we got back to the room and I was able to catch up on my sleep before we had to be up super early for the next day at Animal Kingdom!

Was your big day similar to mine?

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