I’ve been suffering from the scourge that is hayfever for my entire life. If you have it, you’ll know it’s like a curse that haunts your every waking (and sometimes sleeping!) moment in summer.

Unfortunately, I have very severe hayfever because I’m allergic to every type of pollen that there is. Trees, flowers, plants, fields. You name it, I’m allergic to it! Because of this, I’ve developed a number of coping mechanisms that help me when the pollen count creeps up. Here are my tried and tested tips for the severe hayfever sufferer in your life!

Dose up!

I protect myself in every way I can by using every allergy medication available to me. I’ve been through every tablet the doctor offers and unfortunately there’s no more left for me to try so in recent years I’ve resorted to over the counter tablets. I start the day with a once a day hayfever tablet, such as Benadryl. I then use a nose spray, and shoot two sprays up each nostril in the morning. Finally, I put in two eye drops to each eye. I repeat this around three times a day, every time I feel an ‘attack’ coming on.

Buy this allergy relief machine

My parents got me this machine when I was a teenager. You put it up your nose for three minutes every morning and I SWEAR it somehow works. I mean, it could be the combination of all of the medication I’m taking (see above) but I like to think this machine helps. It’s probably just the placebo effect, but if it works, I don’t care.

Carry multiple packs of tissue with you at all times

Me and my fiancé like to go out on evening walks all year round, and when the pollen count is at a high there have been times where I’ve become a snivelling wreck and not had a tissue to hand. The flood gates open, I sneeze multiple times in a row and my nose becomes a tap. It’s not comfortable or attractive! Now, I make sure I buy a six pack of pocket tissues on a weekly basis and that I’ve always got two packets to hand.

Always wear sunglasses

I have sensitive eyes anyway, so as soon as it’s a tiny bit bright I have to put sunglasses on so I can actually see without squinting, but I also think they help my suffering eyes. Having sunglasses on will essentially block the pollen going into your eye, and if it’s already gone in and you’re outside, your sunglasses will act as a physical blocker stopping you from rubbing it.

Practise your willpower

It’s easier said than done but the reason I suffered so badly as a child was because I couldn’t stop rubbing my eyes, no matter how much my parents would tell me not to. I understand, it’s so, so hard not to just give your eye a little itch when you can feel it twinging but if you rub it once you won’t be able to stop! Just try not to touch your eyes AT ALL, and if you really must do something, then clump together some cool, wet tissue and place it on top of your eyelid without rubbing it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for hayfever, as I’ve sadly come to learn over the years. But, on the bright side, as you get older you will learn to manage your symptoms much better and this will help you to deal with the summer months with a smile.

Do you suffer from hayfever?

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