Mr Lee's Noodles

I recently attended the #BloggerHalloweenParty, and if you cast your mind back to the AMAZING goody bag, you’ll remember I received a pot of Mr Lee’s Noodles.

Mr Lee's Noodles

Mr Lee’s was a totally new brand to me, having never come across it before, and I’ll be honest… My noodle of choice tends to be a certain potted noodle and Mr Lee’s offering is somewhat *different* to that!

Marketed as ‘Gourmet Oriental Noodles in a Cup’, the brand describes themselves as the champagne of noodles. I can’t argue with that! Some of their awesome USPs include being low in salt, sugar and saturated fats – as well as calories (every girls dream to find a low calorie potted noodle, amiright?!)

The companies’ ethos is all about healthy eating for the ‘time poor’ person. Something that rings absolutely true with me – I’m greedy whilst at the same time being on a weight loss journey. I am NOT ready to give up my love of food. And I am busy as hell, to boot. So naturally, I sampled my first taste on a Sunday afternoon between bouts of the Sims 4 (Hey! I count playing the Sims 4 as being busy, I’ll have you know…)

Mr Lee's Noodles

Mr Lee’s offers a range of 6 different flavours, but I was lucky enough to try their Dragon Fire Mushroom flavour – which I was more than happy with as I luuuurve mushrooms. I was a TAD worried as this flavour is rated as hot… hot with THREE WHOLE CHILLIES. Hmmm. So with trepidation, I pushed the button to get my kettle boiling.

Once it was done, I peeled back the lid and poured the water in up to the ridged line. You then have to wait another three minutes. Nothing is more agonising than the wait between pouring boiling water onto your noodle cup and it being done. I mean, come on, we’ve already had a torturous wait for the kettle to boil. But luckily, the wait was over with enough time to send my Sim off to work for the day.

What can I say? It IS the champagne of noodles. The noodles themselves were lovely, light and soft – not what you get in your average noodle cup. The ratio of vegetables to noodles was just right, and boy, did it fill me up. I couldn’t finish the cup – something that has NEVER happened to me with a Pot Noodle. My only qualm was that it was very watery for my particular taste buds (I don’t like to drink the flavoured water at the end so it felt a waste). But this is easily rectified – I’ll just add a bit less water next time.

Oh – and those three red chillies I was worried about? They were nothing! I can take a bit of hot food, and this was no hotter than a medium in Nandos. Yes, the after taste was very hot and spicy in the first few mouthfuls, but it only took a few tries for my taste buds to adapt.

Mr Lee's Noodles

You can purchase Mr Lee’s Noodles directly from their website. And it has the awesome ability to let you order and ship to someone else’s address. Perfect for parents buying for students. Or, if you just generally want to brighten someone’s day with a noodle-y surprise.

And one last point. A little bit of research tells me freeze dried foods like Mr Lee’s Noodles can last for up to 25 years. So you’re good to go in a zombie apocalypse. Thank me later.




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I received free samples from Mr Lee’s Noodles, however, all opinions are my own.

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