I’m fortunate enough that I’ve been able to book my dream wedding, but are there things I would change if money were no object? Heck yes!

We talked for a long time about our wedding, it’s location and what we wanted. We went through a lot of different options, including Hawaii, where I’d always dreamed of getting married and beach locations in the UK. I always wanted to get married on a beach and there are so many amazing locations you could pick and choose from. Destination2 is one of the vendors that offers wedding and honeymoon locations in far flung locations such as the Caribbean, the Middle East and Bali.

In the end, we settled on an incredibly small wedding at Walt Disney World with just our parents in attendance. Due to money constraints, we picked the most economical package that Disney offer but in my dreams I can still imagine what I would have added on had I won the lottery! For a start, I would have had to move our ceremony location from one of the resort hotels over to the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom is my favourite theme park, and I can imagine my dream wedding in front of Cinderella’s Castle isn’t exactly unique amongst brides-to-be out there. Believe it or not, Disney do offer the Magic Kingdom as a ceremony option with a minimum price of $75,000, ouch!

So coupled with my outdoor castle ceremony, what else would I spend my bottomless pit of cash on? I’m not a bridezilla, nor do I want for much when it comes to my wedding, but the first thing I’d do is book flights for my whole family to attend. I’d book the best hotels, park tickets and transport for them and give them a holiday to remember, as well as sending off my single-self in style.

If you’d like to send off your single-self in style, Destination2 are currently running a competition for you to win a luxury honeymoon in Mauritius – make sure you give it a go.

What would you plan for your big day if money were no object?

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