University season is upon us. Fresh-faced, rosy cheeked teenagers up and down the country are packing up to start a new life away from home. If they’re anything like me, most of them probably haven’t a clue what’s in store.

Trying to sustain a long distance, secondary school relationship

I hate to break it to you, but your sweetheart from school won’t be at all interested in phoning you once per day once they’re surrounded by all kinds of new people everywhere they go. Don’t limit your experiences by trying to continue a relationship with someone from your own small town, who’s probably had all of the same experiences you’ve had.

Think of all the new people around who have experienced so many different things in life to you.

Dwelling on feeling homesickness

I’m not saying it’s a problem to feel homesick. Everyone does. But some people dwell on it a lot more than others. I was very homesick and I let it consume my entire fresher’s week – instead I wish I had really committed myself and made sure I was out making new friends all the time so I wasn’t sitting dwelling on it.

Chances are you’re in a flat full of strangers – drag yourself into the living room and get to know them whenever you feel your heart strings twinging.

Feeling bad for missing a lecture

I can’t count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen people younger than me on Twitter proclaiming they can’t go on holiday during term time because they will miss lectures. News flash! All of your lectures will be available online. The lecturer will LITERALLY tell you at the start there is zero point in taking notes as they will all be available. Missing a lecture due to your raging hangover is not going to cause your degree to come crumbling down around you.

Make the most of the no-questions-asked sick days before you get to your stressful third year.

Taking it personally when someone ‘borrows’ something from your cupboard

During Fresher’s Week for me a bottle of wine went missing from my cupboard. Being the precious little sunflower that I was I had a fit to my parents, cried about it and proclaimed what type of people must my flatmates be to steal from me?! I never found out who it was because I was too scared to ask and I soon came to realise through various internet memes that it pretty much happens to everyone and it doesn’t make the perpetrators the scum of the earth.

If you’re a precious little sunflower like I am, you can label everything you own. You may be respected, but you will be seen at the ultimate square. (Disclaimer: I did not do that but I know people who would!)

Forgetting to lock your bedroom door after a drunk night out

Ah, the thing I was most paranoid about. Every time I’d go on a night out, I’d make sure to double and triple check that I’d locked my bedroom door until one night I came home, obviously a little bit too far gone, and forgot. Unfortunately for me my flatmates came home after me and weren’t quite ready to stop the party so they ended up bursting into my room to give me a cuddle before I dozed off. I got away lightly.

Cue a few months later when another one of my flatmates forgot to lock his door when going out for the day and we cling filmed his toilet.

There’s no shame in making these mistakes, and having made them all myself, they only make you a better person! Are you heading to university this year?

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