I’m not the sort of girl who lusts after designer goods (unless they’re sporting a Mickey Mouse!). I’ve got two designer items in my wardrobe and both of them are from Michael Kors. I’ve put together my Michael Kors wishlist to show you the items I’m lusting after this season.

The thing I like about Michael Kors is that the items are basic and functional, you can pair them with tons of outfits and the colours are largely neutral. You know you’re getting a good quality item from a good quality brand. The two items I currently own are a small bag and a watch.

My bag is a little tan leather number, and it comes out with me whenever I wear something slightly fancy. Because of the colour, I find it goes with everything I want to pair it with. My watch on the other hand is a rose gold watch with a lattice style strap. I love it and it comes out to play whenever I want to add a splash of sophistication to my outfit.

I’d love to add a couple more Michael Kors items to my roster, so with Christmas coming up I found that you can purchase a huge range of items from Lyst.co.uk. If you’re online shopping habits are anything like mine, I love looking for a bargain and would certainly never buy an item at full price. Lyst lets you filter items by their percentage discount (HELLO, 70% off!), as well as selecting items that are available to purchase through Lyst meaning you know you won’t have any hiccups at the till if the item you’ve been coveting doesn’t actually ship to the UK (some of the items link to US department stores like Nordstrom which wouldn’t ship to us).

Since this is a wishlist, I’ve chosen some items that are way out of my price range! But gosh, are they pretty and all available to buy at Lyst.co.uk.

1. Bradshaw Smartwatch

I had no idea Michael Kors made smartwatches, but this has got to be one of the most beautiful smartwatches I’ve ever seen. It features an activity tracker, text and email alerts and Google app notifications.

2. Parker Chronograph Glitz Watch

I love watches with brown leather straps as I think brown tones and hues go with so many different outfit options. Of course the signature Michael Kors Chronograph design is also a must have!

3. Slim Runway Double-wrap Watch

This watch is a lot more subtle compared to some of Michael Kors offerings, and I think that’s what I like about it – back to basics and suitable for all occasions.

4. ‘Mercer’ Large Leather Tote

For years I’ve been in desperate need of a decent leather bag but instead I keep going back to Primark, whose bags break within a matter of weeks. This Michael Kors leather tote could be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come!

5. ‘Adele’ Double Zip Leather Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are my absolute favourite, and it’s generally the style 80% of the bags in my wardrobe are. This bag has two compartments so I imagine you’d get a load of essentials crammed into it whilst still remaining subtle and stylish.


Do you have one designer brand you can’t get enough of?


This post was inspired by Lyst.co.uk, however, all opinions are my own.

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